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5 Artists You Should Know: Brazil

5 Artists You Should Know: Brazil

Brazil has a diverse and rich musical background that has been influenced by indigenous, African, European, and other cultural traditions. That diversity, and its vast size, has led to a unique range of musical genres and styles, including rap, country, and samba, among others.

In our ongoing series 5 Artists You Should Know, we introduce local artists from regions all over the world. We’re very excited to share these five rising artists in Brazil that showcase the country’s diversity and global growth: N.I.N.A., Tz Da Coronel, Anny Passos, Vitor Kley, and Dora Sanches.


N.I.N.A. is an emerging talent making waves in Brazil’s drill and grime music scenes. Her journey as an artist began in 2017 as a DJ and music researcher. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that she fully embraced creating music as a rapper, with her first single “Identidade”, produced by diniBoy. Fast forward to 2022, she released her debut album “PELE”, which amassed over 300k streams within one hour and 30 minutes after its release.

N.I.N.A. is also well known for her involvement in the 13th edition of Poesia Acústica, one of Brazil’s biggest rap projects, that featured artists such as L7nnon, Xamã, and Mc Cabelinho. Subsequently, she signed with one of Brazil’s most prominent rap music labels, Pineapple. N.I.N.A. has created a devoted following with her lyrical prowess and thoughtful messaging, using her platform to share important cultural insights with a diverse audience. 

City: Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Brasil

Follow on Instagram: @ninadoporte

Tz Da Coronel

Tz Da Coronel began his music career in his hometown of Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro. Originally starting off as a battle rapper in Cabo Frio, Tz da Coronel is now a full time rapper and songwriter, who has gained over 2 billion streams across music platforms.

Tz Da Coronel’s first album, “É o Trem!”, dropped in 2022, followed by his first EP Gênio, placing him in the Top 200 Artists in Brazil on Spotify. This all culminated in 2023, where Tz launched his own label, Cúpula, and is now currently finalizing plans to drop his second studio album, DACOROMODE. 

City: Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro

Follow on Instagram: @tzdacoronel

Anny Passos

Anny Passos is a standout talent in the world of country music, and her journey began through the “Churrasco do Milhão” project, which was initiated by Thiago Brava. The project’s primary goal was to unearth and provide a platform for emerging stars in the country music genre. This unique initiative, which gained widespread attention on social media, led to the discovery of various talented sertanejo singers, including the remarkable Anny Passos. Her debut on the “Churrasco do Milhão” stage featured her unreleased song titled “Bandida,” which quickly gained immense popularity, accumulating over 5 million views on YouTube and more than 3 million streams on Spotify.

Born on February 23, 2001, in Rio de Janeiro, Anny Passos moved to the state of Goiás when she was just 4 years old. Her passion for singing developed at this young age, and when she relocated to Nova Veneza, Goiás, she began attending local church. It was there, after seeing another girl singing, that she decided to start singing herself. Encouraged by her father, who purchased a playback for her, Anny started performing at church at age 9. Her very first public performance was at a local MPB event in her city, where she secured first place in a competition. Since then, Anny has been diligently building her career within the music industry. She draws inspiration from a variety of artists, including Jorge e Mateus, Leonardo, Edson and Hudson, Murilo Huff, Simone, Bruno e Marrone, Seu George, and Rionegro e Solimões.

City: Goiânia, GO

Follow on Instagram: @annypassosoficial

Vitor Kley

Vitor Kley is a well-known artist in the Brazilian music scene. He started composing music at a young age and gained fame in 2017 with his hit song “O Sol” (The Sun). He has released two independent albums: “Eclipse Solar” (2009) and “Luz a Brilhar” (2012).

In 2015, Vitor signed with Midas Music and released his EP “Vitor Kley” (2016), which featured popular tracks like “Dois Amores,” “Armas a Nosso Favor,” and “Farol.” His third album, “Adrenalizou” (2018), achieved Platinum status, thanks to hits like “O Sol” and “Morena.” In 2019, he had successful collaborations with Anavitória (“Pupila”) and Samuel Rosa (“A Tal Canção para a Lua”).

In 2020, he released “A Bolha,” produced by Rick Bonadio. 2021 was a busy year with projects like “Turma do Menino Sol” (a children’s project) and a rock tribute titled “O Amor Machuca Demais.” In 2022, he gained attention on TikTok with “Tudo Me Lembra Você,” performed in Portugal, collaborated with Priscilla Alcantara on “Tudo Pah,” and had a memorable show at Rock in Rio.

Today, Vitor Kley has over 3.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify and is known for his infectious positive energy. He has also received nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards, showcasing his growing influence in the music industry.

City: Porto Alegre, RS – Brasil

Follow on Instagram: @vitorkley

Dora Sanches

After her debut at the Solar de Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro and an opening act for the iconic Marisa Monte in her hometown of Campo Grande, Dora Sanches has been making waves in the music scene. She recently graced the lineup of the Pop Up Festival in Juiz de Fora, held an intimate concert at Sao Paulo’s Blue Note, and participated in the Festival de Bonito in her home state, where she caught the attention of notable musicians like Almir Sater and his son Gabriel.

Adding to her growing success, Dora’s upcoming EP is entirely produced by the Grammy-award winning Moogie Canazio and recorded at Los Angeles’ EastWest Studios. In her live performances, she surprises audiences with fresh interpretations of classic songs by Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse, Al Green, and Gonzaguinha.

Dora has amassed nearly 700,000 Spotify streams and boasts around 90,000 Instagram followers. Her musical journey includes debut tracks like “Nunca É Tarde Demais” (It’s Never Too Late), the digital single “Fora de Alcance” (Out of Reach), and the recent release of “Meu Lugar” (My Place), a beautiful self-written song featuring Gabriel Sater.

At just 23 years old, Dora possesses an extraordinary musical maturity, blending elements of pop and Brazilian MPB. She skillfully addresses the significant questions of her generation while maintaining the rural influences from her upbringing.

City: Campo Grande, MS – Brasil

Follow on Instagram: @dorasanches

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