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5 Artists You Should Know: South Korea

5 Artists You Should Know: South Korea

Over the past couple of years the South Korean music scene has skyrocketed and taken the world by storm. Korean pop music, also known as K-Pop, has gained a massive following due to their one of a kind performances, consisting of intricate dance routines, and catchy melodies. From K-Pop, traditional Korean music to underground indie bands, the Korean music scene most definitely has you covered. 

In our series ‘5 Artists You Should Know,’ we introduce you to local talent from regions all over the world who are dominating their local territory. We’re excited to tell you more about these five rising artists in South Korea and encourage you to take a listen: DPR Ian, CIFIKA, CRAVITY, IVE and J. Fla.


“When I set out to do something, I want people to turn their heads and not look away.” 

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia DPR IAN became involved in the music scene at an early age. From the beginning, his world has revolved around dance and music, resulting in a few skipped classes to freestyle on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel gave him the kickstart to chase his dreams, and the confidence to buy a one way ticket to Seoul. He got his start in Seoul in 2012 as the leader and rapper of K-Pop group, C-Clown. The group separated in 2015, but gave him a better understanding of the music industry. This ultimately led to the next step in his career, and DPR IAN was born. DPR IAN – singer-songwriter, director, and videographer created a label, Dream Perfect Regime, that gave him and others, the creative freedom that he had trouble finding. DPR IAN continues to break genre stereotypes and is not one that should be missed! Listen to his album Moodswings In To Order.


CIFIKA, Electro-Pop Singer and producer, does not put a ceiling on their dreams…or their artistry. CIFIKA has gone from their bedroom to performing at high level events such as Louis Vuttion campaign/runway event, SXSW, ADE, and Reeperbahn. CIFIKA’s contagious energy and ability to see through genres has caused them to be an in-demand collaborator for artists all over.  Check out the video for “Hexagon”!

Listen to her album – HANA 


Creativity meets gravity to form 9 member K-Pop boy band CRAVITY. This group has shown their undeniable talent in their most recent EP MASTER : PIECE. The group continues to break barriers and industry standards by gravitating their fans towards the unique and creative approach that they take towards their art. CRAVITY’s creative art doesn’t stop at their music, as this 9-member boyband wants to put on the best shows yet. Watch their music video for “Groovy” below.


6-member Gen Z girl group IVE, standing for “I HAVE”, has made a name for themselves in the music industry. IVE has the fastest win in Korean music show history, has made the Billboard top 200, and has created an international presence for themselves.  Watch their music video for “I AM.”

J. Fla 

Although many people know her for her YouTube channel, J. Fla is ready to reveal her charms as a singer-songwriter. J.Fla got her start as a songwriter under Sony Music before starting to build her own brand as an artist herself. In order to kick start her personal music career, J. Fla started GOODSEN ENTERTAINMENT alongside her longtime producer. Watch her music video for “The Hare” below.

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