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5 Artists You Should Know: Ukraine

5 Artists You Should Know: Ukraine

It’s been just over a year since the war in Ukraine began. When Russian troops invaded the country, lives were upended and changed forever. When war brings heartbreak and turmoil, music brings community and moments of peace. Not only have Ukrainian musical artists driven charitable efforts and raised awareness through their platforms, but some of them have even been on the front lines.

In our series 5 Artists You Should Know, we introduce you to local talent from regions all over the world. In this edition, we’re amplifying a few Ukrainian artists we’re honored to work with. Support, follow, and listen to these five artists from Ukraine: Antytila, DOROFEEVA, Artem Pivovarov, Krechet, and Tina Karol


Established in 2008, Antytila is one of the most popular rock bands in Ukraine. Made up of Taras Topolia, Serhii Vusyk, Dmytro Zholud, Mykhailo Chyrko and Dmytro Vodovozo, Antytila has seven full-length albums and nearly 80 songs to their name. 

In February 2022, the band traded their instruments for weapons and became soldiers in the 130th battalion of the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces. Since the war began, they’ve served as paramedics in Kyiv and the Kharkiv region. Frontman of the band, Taras Topolia, was a Youth Ambassador for UNICEF and did over 100 meetings with students all around Ukraine. Now he is a speaker of a Youth Council to Volodymyr Zelenskiy. It doesn’t stop there, as Antytila are founders of “ANTYTILA” that provides help to Armed Forces to Ukraine and for children whose fathers are killed in war.  

Antytila has been using their platform to raise awareness of the war and support those affected by it. Antytila didn’t do this alone, however. In 2022, the band collaborated with Ed Sheeran and U2’s Bono and the Edge for a performance in London. 

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DOROFEEVA, also known as Nadia Dorofeeva, is a Ukrainian artist, songwriter and influencer. Her career took off in 2004 when she won the popular Ukrainian vocal competition, Black Sea Games. For ten years, Nadia performed with the Pop band, Time and Glass. Now, she’s been breaking ground with her solo project, DOROFEEVA. 

DOROFEEVA debuted her solo project in 2022 with her album Senses that quickly caught traction. The subsequent premieres of “Shob ne bulo” and “WhatsApp” (2023) became hits and took leading positions on music platforms.
DOROFEEVA has been a coach of the singing competition show The Voice for three seasons, she is a brand ambassador for PUMA, and is the it-girl Maybelline NY in Ukraine. Most importantly though, DOROFEEVA spends a lot of time involved in charity. Nadia is an ambassador for Missing Children Ukraine, and a collaborator of Superhumans, a project that deals with the rehabilitation and prosthetics of war victims. 

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Artem Pivovarov

Artem Pivovarov is a multi-award winning artist, producer, and musician with chart-topping hits. Pivovarov has become a trendsetter for the Ukrainian music scene. According to TopHit, he was the most streamed artist on the air of Ukrainian radio stations in 2021.The number of music collaborations in the artist’s arsenal can surprise the most experienced music critics. Among his popular songs are “Déjà vu”, “Rendezvous”, “Mirage”, “Home”, “Gather Me”, “Oxygen”, “My Night”, “No.1”. 
In 2021, Pivovarov released a project entitled, Your Verses, My Notes. The goal of the project was to popularize Ukrainian culture through the power of music. This was a project artists across Ukraine were able to participate and get involved in. Since the war began,, Pivovarov and his team have actively been supporting the Ukrainian military through various charity concerts he has put on across Europe and Ukraine.

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Krechet is an Ukrainian musician, producer, and representative of the new wave of Ukrainian Hip-Hop. Although Kretchet is changing the landscape of Ukrainian Hip-Hop, his identity remains anonymous. Krechet wrote his debut record in quarantine, and has released three albums since. Although it is still not known who he is, what his real name is, or what he looks like, he has established a place for him in the Ukranian music scene and is a highly respected artist.

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Tina Karol

It’s nearly impossible to discuss modern Ukrainian music without including Tina Karol. With over 35 music awards to her name, Karol is the most-titled artist in Ukraine, and the only Ukrainian singer to be awarded two of the highest music legend awards for “her contribution and development of the music industry.” President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky awarded Tina Karol with the “Order of Princess Olga III degree,” a state award presentedto women for outstanding services to the state. 

Since her start in the early 2000’s, Karol has released nine studio albums, three EPs, and six live albums, which received the status of gold, platinum and multi- platinum in Ukraine. Despite her success and status Karol has stood by and continued to fight alongside her Ukrainian brothers and sisters for the victory of the nation. 

When the war started, one of Tina’s songs became a symbol of the unification of the Ukrainian people, and is even studied in the primary school curriculum. Ukrainians are proud of Tina because, despite her star status, she is fighting side by side with her brothers and sisters for the victory and identity of the nation.

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