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A Chilling Set Of Halloween Harmonies

A Chilling Set Of Halloween Harmonies

We don’t know about you, but Halloween is one of our all time favorite holidays. It’s a designated day of the year to completely express yourself and be whoever or whatever you want (and even eat some sweets while you’re at it). 

This Halloween might be the scariest yet, but it doesn’t have to be lonely! Text your friends, host a virtual Halloween party, use the excuse to eat way too many sweets and most importantly… make a great playlist.

We’ve put together a chilling set of songs to enjoy in preparation for All Hallows’ Eve. So grab a pumpkin, turn up the volume and start carving.

“I Like The Way You Die” – Black Honey (Fox Five Records)

What happens when you take 1960’s hairstyles, a victorian-style mansion and add fangs…only the perfect Halloween hang. Black Honey’s gritty rock’n roll is an ideal setting for powerful yet deadly women. Check out the brand new song and video below, complete with a bright pink casket.

“Zombie” – DAY6 (JYP Entertainment)

Feeling like a zombie lately? So does DAY6, and frankly a lot of us. A sad track about a numb life as a zombie ironically has a lot of feels. Zone out and take some notes for your costume by watching the video below:

“Afterlife” – Flatbush Zombies (Flatbush Zombies)

Speaking of zombies… Flatbush Zombies released this chilling track last August produced by James Blake. Put this on blast for serious (socially distant) party vibes and live like you’re in the afterlife. If you’re feeling undermotivated to prepare a real costume this year, try their Instagram filter on for size and wear a virtual costume. 

“Halloween” – Wolfpack x Bassjackers x Baba Yega (Smash The House)

More into a rave-style party full of glow sticks fist pumping and black light skeletons? This electronic bop is guaranteed to keep you moving to the sound of …Michael Myers? Well you have to listen to understand:

“Perfect Hell” – Zubin & YAWNS (tmwrk records)

Ever wonder if your crush is actually a demon but didn’t really care either way? We know what you’re thinking… been there! Zubin and YAWNS discover love in a fiery place in this next video:

“Someone’s in the House” – Kat Edmonson (Spinnerette Records / MRI) 

Didn’t think jazz could be scary? Think again. With a theatrical whimsy that is light-hearted yet eerie, Kat Edmonson describes that all-too terrifying feeling when you realize…you’re not alone. Listen to the live performance which perfectly captures Kat Edmonson’s vocal prowess. Let’s hope it’s only her vocals being captured…

“Black Cats and Crows” – Ward Davis (Ward Davis Music)

Ah the rolling plains and quiet settings of country life. That crisp feeling of isolation, quick slink of black cats and terrifying caw of crows! Ward Davis spills his heart and soul into this dark and sad ballad. The song may be dreary but the talent is unmatched and if there’s anything we’ve learned from the previous songs — sometimes embracing darkness results in awesome music. 

“Skeletons” New Years Day (Another Century)

Speaking of darkness — Don’t let their band name fool you, New Year’s Day is no shining light of joy. In fact, they “don’t fear the dark.” Let all your skeletons out of the closet this Halloween. Whether you’re spilling your deepest secrets or using them as decoration, that choice is yours.

“La Maldad” – Vale Cox (LennonMx Records)

This video may have the scariest characters…but when they’re dancing, how scary can they be!? With bats, vampires, and witches joining in on the fun, this Mexican track from Vale Cox is a hauntingly good time.

The Orchard wishes everyone a happy (and safe) Halloween!

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