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A Guide To GRAMMY Submissions (Updating) 

A Guide To GRAMMY Submissions (Updating) 

The Recording Academy has updated their submissions process for the 65th Annual GRAMMY® Awards. Perhaps the most noteworthy update is the introduction of a price-per-entry structure. The new model is to encourage entrants to “consider the value of each entry and make mindful decisions to put forward work that they truly believe is GRAMMY-worthy,” states the Recording Academy. 

Read our guide below to note important dates, eligibility guidelines, and a breakdown of the new price-per-entry structure. We will continue to update this blog post with new announcements and dates from the Recording Academy.


In previous years, GRAMMY submissions were divided into numerous entry rounds. This year, there is only one entry period for all recordings. 

Submissions Open: Monday, July 18, 2022, at 6 AM ET 
Submissions Close: Wednesday, August 31, 2022 


In order to submit releases for consideration for the annual GRAMMY Awards, media companies and record labels must register with the Recording Academy as a Media Company. Register as a new Media Company here. Registration is open now and will close on August 24, 2022, at 3 PM ET. Find more information on Media Company registration here.

For a recording to be eligible for consideration, the product must be released between October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022. Any product released outside this timeframe will not be considered for the 65th annual GRAMMY Awards. 

Since the GRAMMY Awards are based in the U.S., eligible recordings must have been COMMERCIALLY RELEASED in the United States on one of the approved streaming platforms or via a national third-party retailer (for Craft entries) and be originally released within this eligibility period. 


In previous years, media companies would pay a one-time fee for unlimited GRAMMY submissions. This year, however, the Recording Academy is enacting a price-per-entry structure. This means a media company will pay a fee for every entry submitted. Also note that the price-per-entry increases as you submit closer to the final deadline. 

For example, if a media company submits Artist X for ‘Best New Artist,’ ‘Best Rock Performance’ and ‘Best Rock Song’ in the GRAMMY submission portal on July 19, 2022, then the media company will pay, approximately, $195 for those three entries. 

A Guide To GRAMMY Submissions (Updating) 


The Recording Academy announced the addition of 5 new categories for the 2023 award show. Find the new categories below and check this page for an update on all categories.

Songwriter Of The Year, Non-Classical
Recognizes the written excellence, profession and art of songwriting honoring the most prolific non-performing and non-producing songwriters for their body of new work released during an eligibility year. To be eligible in this category,  the writer needs to have written five other songs released and performed by another artist.

Best Alternative Music Performance
A track and single Category that recognizes the best recordings in an alternative performance by a solo artist, collaborating artists, established duo, or established group.

Best Americana Performance
A track and single Category that recognizes artistic excellence in an Americana performance by a solo artist, collaborating artists, established duo, or established group.

Best Score Soundtrack For Video Games And Other Interactive Media
Recognizes excellence in score soundtrack albums comprised predominately of original scores and created specifically for, or as a companion to, a current video game or other interactive media released within the qualification period.  

Best Spoken Word Poetry Album
An album Category that recognizes excellence in spoken word albums specific to the performance of poetry with or without music.

The Orchard refers to The Recording Academy for all information. Stay tuned here for official updates.

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