Welcome, Ashley!

Welcome Ashley HallIntroducing Ashley Hall, Client Services Coordinator

Hi everyone! If we haven’t already met, my name is Ashley Hall, and I’m beyond thrilled to join The Orchard family as the newest Client Services Coordinator.

I grew up attending Catholic school in Brooklyn, NY and graduated from a public university, Baruch College, last year. Below are five fun facts about me that I would like to share with you!

1. My final thesis was a 25-page analysis on Madonna and her musical influence on various ethnic cultures and body image.
2. I am currently scheduled to give a Globus Lecture next month to undergraduate students majoring in Management of Musical Enterprises (which was also my major) at Baruch entitled “The Everlasting Impact of Classical Music on Today’s Music Industry.”
3. I have had poems published and enjoy writing when I have the time.
4. I interned here with the Physical Dept. guys last summer.
5. I am hopelessly obsessed with anything and everything Disney.

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with all of you and I hope to make meaningful, long-lasting connections!

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