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Boost Your Artist Reels Directly

Boost Your Artist Reels Directly

Instagram Reels has become an increasingly popular tool for musicians, offering a way to showcase their talent, connect with fans, and promote their music through a short video snippet. 

Meta has introduced an exciting new update that will allow artists and brands to boost Reels directly! Previously, rights holders would receive the “Not eligible” error message when trying to boost Reels that contained their own licensed music. Reels that will be eligible to boost will be those created with music performed by the artist.

Labels and management teams will have access to boosting these reels as long as their Ad Account has been granted access to the artist’s Instagram account. Tracks need to be linked to an artist’s IG Account in order to be boosted. By taking advantage of this feature, musicians can grow their audience, and reach new fans. 


  1. Go to the Ad Manager
  2. Choose “Using existing post”
  3. Select Instagram → Reels, select the desired reel
  4. Continue the rest of the Ad setup and targeting as usual
  5. Publish the ad

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