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The Orchard & Mobile Roadie: What We Can Do For You!

Through our exclusive partnership with Mobile Roadie, you can create an app for iPhone and Android in just a few minutes. The Apps are used to promote an artist’s music, shows, and videos, connects fans with the artist on the Fan Wall, displays the latest artist news, and more.  No one is offering this kind… Read more »

Le futur de la musique… Vu d’un label très branché… Interview The Orchard Olivier de Simone

Olivier de Simone a un petit accent Suisse et c’est d’où il vient. Initialement, il était un groupe qui a bien fonctionné, principalement dim. Puis il s’intéresse à la production et le web et il s’est rendu compte que la musique et l’Internet ont été faites pour marcher ensemble. Il a commencé à travailler pour… Read more »

An Offer From One of Our Partners…

uPlaya’s artificial intelligence system can give you instant and objective feedback on your music through its patented Hit Song Science technology.  The system uses one-of-a-kind technology to compare your music to millions of other songs and tell you its potential for commercial success.   Then, uPlaya helps you promote your music through its own interactive Music… Read more »