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Congratulations to the Gala de l’ADISQ 2021 Nominees

Congratulations to the Gala de l’ADISQ 2021 Nominees

    Each year, the Gala de l’ADISQ celebrates the talent and excellence of artists, producers, and other music industry experts based in the Canadian province of Quebec. The award show was created in 1979 by the president of Association du disque de l’industrie du spectacle québécois, Gilles Talbot, in honor of Quebec songwriter Félix Leclerc. Throughout the ceremony, over sixty music professionals are awarded a Félix Trophy in categories such as Best-selling Album, Best Album, Composer of the Year, Song of the Year, and Discovery of the year. Whereas the Juno Awards’ Canadian nominees are chosen based partially on record sales, the Gala de l’ADISQ nominees and winners are selected by the Association du disque de l’industrie du spectacle québécois (ADISQ). Congratulations to The Orchard distributed artists who received a nomination for this year’s awards!

    One of these artists is the Canadian singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin, who was nominated for 7 categories including English Language Album of the Year, Arrangements of the Year, and Artist of the Year with the Most Reach Outside of Quebec. In May of 2021, Cardin’s debut album Phoenix quickly rose to No.1 on Canadian charts. The 13-tracks are filled with personal anthems about life and love without filter, and features stand-out singles “Passive Aggressive” and “Daddy.” Cardin rose to fame in 2017 with her US debut EP titled Main Girl, which amassed over 137 million streams worldwide.

Also nominated for 7 categories at this year’s Gala de l’ADISQ is the Quebec native and pop artist Pierre Lapointe. In November 2020, Lapoint’s eleventh studio and first Christmas album, Chansons Hivernales, debuted at number 10 on the Canadian Albums Chart. The highly acclaimed album is not Lapointe’s first holiday ritornello: over 15 years ago, the Canadian performer composed the timeless piece “Noël sans pluie.” Chansons Hivernales is up for this year’s Album of the Year category at this year’s Gala de l’ADISQ, with powerful production by Emmanuel Éthier and a blizzard of impressive collaborations––from emerging songwriter Félix Dyotte to indie singer Yuki Berthiaume-Tremblay. 

Find the full list of the 2021 Gala de l’ADISQ nominees here and The Orchard distributed nominees below.

Album of the Year – Alternative/Album de l’année – Alternatif

Les Coeurs du Mal – Abelaïd (Spectra Musique)

Comment Debord – Comment Debord (Simone Records)

Musivision – Laurence-Anne (Bonsound)

Album of the Year – English/Album de l’année – Anglophone

Phoenix – Charlotte Cardin (Cult Nation)

Album De L’année – Classique / Soliste Et Petit Ensemble

Schubert: The Complete Sonatas And Major Piano Works, Volume 3 – The Power Of Fate  – Mathieu Gaudet (Analekta)

Flute Passion: Mozart – Nadia Labrie (Analekta)

Vivaldi: Luce E Ombra – Myriam Leblanc (Analekta)

Chopin: 24 Préludes, Op. 28 – Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise Brillante, Op. 22 – Charles Richard-Hamelin (Analekta)

Beethoven: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1, 2, 3 & 5 – Charles Richard-Hamelin / Andrew Wan (Analekta)

Album of the Year – Critics’ Choice/Album de l’année – Choix de la critique

Le Ciel est au Plancher – Louis-Jean Cormier (Simone Records)

Incarnat – Ariane Moffatt (Simone Records)

Album of the Year – Reinterpretation/Album de l’année – Réinterprétation

Bedroom Sessions – Ludovic Bourgeois (L-A Be Records)

Country – Guylaine Tanguay (MP3)

Album of the Year – Pop/Album de l’année – Pop

Acrophobie – Roxane Bruneau (Arctic)

Super Comédie – Peter Peter (Audiogram)

Album of the Year – Electronic Music/Album de l’année – Musique électronique

Juvenile – CRi(Courage Holdings)

Album de l’année- Musique du Monde / Album of the Year – World Music

Roots of Strings: A Musical Journey With The Arabic Oud  – Nazih Borish (Analekta)

Yallah – Paul Kunigis (Audiogram)

Album of the Year – Jazz/Album de l’année – Jazz 

Partager l’ambulance – Misc (Bonsound)

Jazz, Vol. 1 – Jordan Officer (Spectra Musique)

Album of the year – Other languages/Album de l’année – Autres langues

Renegade Breakdown – Marie Davidson & L’œil nu (Bonsound)

Album of the Year – Contemporary Adult/Album de l’année – adulte contemporain

Nos Maisons – Belle Grand Fille (L-A Be Records)

Le Ciel est au Plancher – Louis-Jean Cormier (Simone Records)

Chansons Hivernales – Pierre Lapointe (Audiogram)

SITKA – Andréanne A Malette (L-A Be Records)

Incarnat – Ariane Moffatt (Simone Records)

Album De L’année – Country

Émilie Daraîche – Émilie Daraîche (Mp3)

Album De L’année – Musique Instrumentale

Travelling – Daniel Bélanger (Audiogram)

Album of the Year – Popular Success/Album de l’année – Succès populaire

Acrophobie – Roxane Bruneau (Arctic)

À Tous les Vents – 2Fréres (MP3)

Album or DVD of the Year – Youth/Album ou DVD de l’année – Jeunesse

Les Chansons Fabricolées de la Télé (Saisons 1 Et 2) – Ari Cui Cui (Spectra Musique)

Artist of the Year with the Most Influence Outside Quebec/Artiste de l’année ayant le plus rayonné hors Québec

Charlotte Cardin (Cult Nation)

Pierre Lapointe (Audiogram)

Most Successful Artist of the Year on the Web/Artiste de l’année ayant le plus rayonné sur le Web

Louis-Jean Cormier (Simone Records)

Damien Robitaille (Audiogram)

Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal (Analekta/OSM)

International Collaboration of the Year/Collaboration internationale de l’année

Pierre Lapointe et MIKA – “Six heures d’avion nous séparent” (Audiogram)

Pierre Kwenders et Clément Bazin – “Classe Tendresse – EP” (Bonsound)

Show of the Year – English/Spectacle de l’année – Anglophone

The Charlotte Cardin Experience – Charlotte Cardin (Cult Nation)

Pierre Kwenders @ Festival de Jazz – Pierre Kwenders (Bonsound)

Video of the Year/Vidéo de l’année

“Pigeons” – Les Louanges (Bonsound)

“La Panique” – Catherine Major (Audiogram)

Entertainment Agency of the Year/Agence de spectacle de l’année

Spectra Musique

Arrangements of the Year/Arrangements de l’année

Jason Brando, Marc-André Gilbert – Phoenix – Charlotte Cardin (Cult Nation)

Arrangeurs Variés – Le Ciel Est Au Plancher – Louis-Jean Cormier (Simone Records)

Emmanuel Ethier, Owen Pallett – Chansons hivernales – Pierre Lapointe (Audiogram)

Conception D’éclairage Et Projections De L’année

Christophe Dalpé – The Charlotte Cardin Experience – Charlotte Cardin (Cult Nation)

June Barry – Pierre Kwenders @ Festival de Jazz – Pierre Kwenders (Bonsound)

Record Company of the Year/Entreprise de production de disques de l’année

Musique Sélect

Simone Records

Show Production Company of the Year/Entreprise de production de spectacles de l’année


Web Promotion Team of the Year/Équipe de promotion web de l’année



Press Relations Team/Équipe de relations de presse



Record Company of the Year/Maison de disques de l’année



Simone Records

Staging and Scenography of the Year/Mise en scène et scénographie de l’année

Jason Brando, Charlotte Cardin, Sébastien Duguay, Louisa Schabas – The Charlotte Cardin Experience – Charlotte Cardin (Cult Nation)

Pierre Kwenders – Pierre Kwenders @ Festival de Jazz – Pierre Kwenders (Bonsound)

Album Cover of the Year/Pochette d’album de l’année

Louis-Jean Cormier – Sarah Marcotte-Boislard (Simone Records)

CRi – William Arcand (Courage Holdings)

Francis Champoux – Pierre Lapointe (Audiogram)

Sound Recording and Mixing of the Year/Prise de son et mixage de l’année

Variés – Charlotte Cardin (Cult Nation)

Louis-Jean Cormier – Louis-Jean Cormier (Simone Records)

Radwan Ghazimoumneh, Pierre Guerineau, Dominic Vanchesting – Marie Davidson Et L’œil Nu (Bonsound)

Samuel Gemme, Mark Lawson, Emmanuel Ethier, Luc Pelligrini, Guillaume Chartrain – Pierre Lapointe (Audiogram)

Marc-André Gilbert, Pierre Girard, Ghyslain Luc Lavigne, Ariane Moffatt – Ariane Moffat (Simone Records)

Record of the Year/Réalisation de disques de l’année

Louis-Jean Cormier, François Lafontaine – Louis-Jean Cormier (Simone Records)

Marie Davidson, Pierre Guerineau, Asaël R. Robitaille, Jesse-Osborne Lanthier – Marie Davidson & L’œil Nu (Bonsound)

Jason Brando, Marc-André Gilbert – Charlotte Cardin (Cult Nation)

Script de L’année

Variés – The Charlotte Cardin Experience – Charlotte Cardin (Cult Nation)

Damien Robitaille –  Dé-Confiné – Damien Robitaille (Audiogram)

Sound of the Year/Sonorisation de l’année

Francis Major, Nicolas Roberge – The Charlotte Cardin Experience – Charlotte Cardin (Cult Nation)

Female Performer of the Year/Interprète féminine de l’année

Ariane Moffatt (Simone Records)

Guylaine Tanguay (MP3)

Male Performer of the Year/Interprète masculin de l’année

Louis-Jean Cormier (Simone Records)

Pierre Lapointe (Audiogram)

Damien Robitaille (Audiogram)

Song of the Year/Chanson de l’année

“Faut qu’j’y aille” – 2fréres (Mp3)

“Figé Dans le Temps” – Ludovick Bourgeois (L-A Be Records)

“À ma Manière” – Roxane Bruneau (Arctic)

“Où Sera le Monde” – Marc Dupré (Musique Sélect)

“Le Cœur a ses Raisons” – Sarahmée (Ste-Cath)

Revelation of the Year/Révélation de l’année

CRi (Courage Holdings)

Comment Debord (Simone Records)

Author or Composer of the Year/Auteur(e) ou compositeur(e) de l’année

Louis-Jean Cormier (Simone Records)

Ariane Moffatt (Simone Records)h

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