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Create & Publish Ads On Your Own with New YouTube Director App

youtube-director-for-business-appYouTube is putting users in the director’s chair for the first time ever. With the announcement of the YouTube Director for Business app, users now have the ability to create professional video advertisements without having to shell out big bucks on production. Better yet, because of the seamless nature of the app, very little experience or skill are necessary to achieve great results.

YouTube Director for Business, introduced last month, empowers brands to connect with consumers through YouTube ads that they create at their own fingertips. This free app allows users to fully produce a video ad from ideation to completion and then directly publish to YouTube, making it appealing to novice and seasoned advertisers alike who are looking to personalize their ads and save money.

The app operates in three main steps:

  1. Choose Template: With various options to choose from, users can decide which template best fits their brand.
  2. Shoot & Edit: No need for fancy cameras or production equipment here; users record and edit their ads from within the app in a very streamlined, guided process.
  3. Publish to YouTube: Upload the finished ad direct to YouTube to start promoting instantly,

Watch below to learn more about the app and see how small business owners did when challenged to create an ad promoting their business in 20 minutes or less.

YouTube Director for Business is currently available via the iTunes app store in the U.S. and Canada. The Android app is coming soon.

Image courtesy of YouTube.

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