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Deathcore Forefathers Despised Icon Roar Back to Life With “Beast”

Despised-Icon-BeastRejoice: After several silent years, deathcore pioneer Despised Icon is finally poised to release its new album Beast this July. Long-time fans of the Montreal-based band will be happy to know that Beast stays true to the heavy sound of the group’s early albums while adding a touch of the “speed and technicality” found on more recent releases.

Over their seven-year studio break, Despised Icon‘s members recharged while spending time with their families and pursuing individual career goals. After touring on and off, they decided they were ready to return to the studio with renewed vigor. The spark the band felt dwindling in 2010 is back full force for Beast, and according to the members, “The O.G. lineup is back and the new shit hits hard.” In the studio, the deathcore legends are having fun and keeping things heavy with the help of producer Yannick St-Amand. Having played guitar for the band on its first two albums, St-Amand helped Despised Icon stay true to its original sound on Beast.

Leading up to the new record, Despised Icon is releasing a series of vlogs detailing the band’s studio reunion, recording experience, influences for the new album and more. You can find these interviews along with music videos and other good stuff on Nuclear Blast’s Beast video playlist.

While Despised Icon has enjoyed time in the studio, the band will be touring less frequently — so be sure to mark your calendars if the deathcore group comes to your city! In the meantime, feast your eyes on the frosty new video for “The Aftermath” and prepare yourself for the coming of the Beast.

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