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Discovering LGBTQ+ Pride In Music

Discovering LGBTQ+ Pride In Music

At The Orchard we’re here because we have something in common — a love and passion for music. We joined The Orchard because nothing gives us more joy than sharing music with the world and connecting fans on a global scale! Music has a magical ability to create community, communicate emotion and often unite those who relate. 

For those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, or truly any marginalized identity, music is often a safe space. Listening to music that captures that experience of confusion, discomfort, or “otherness,” or celebrates queer expression, can be so impactful. Those stories and representation can make a huge difference to those who need to hear, “you’re not alone.” 

A few of The Orchard’s LGBTQ+ employees shared their music stories. Check out the songs or albums that have provided these individuals with that necessary sense of understanding and belonging. 

Rrita Hashani – Immunity (album) by Clairo

“‘Sofia, I know that you and I shouldn’t feel like a crime.” As I came to terms with my bisexuality, I turned to music to make sense of my emotions. This album, this song, made everything less scary. Instead, it became something to celebrate — to throw a party for, dance to and embrace. “

Mike Heyliger – “Freedom ’90” by George Michael

“While not explicitly about coming out, “Freedom”‘s lyrics are about liberation and the knowledge that being your truest self is the way you find real happiness in life. It spoke to me as a questioning teenager and young adult, and still fills me with strength and pride thirty years later.”

Yannik Klinkhart –  “Feel Good” by Neon Trees

Music makes me feel like I am not alone in my struggles and insecurities. It gives me the energy and motivation to be more confident and to be a better version of myself. Through music I realized that whatever society thinks is an acceptable way to act or behave is never the only way and it’s always best to be unapologetically yourself! 🌈”

Mike Lorenz – “Immaterial” by SOPHIE

‘“Immaterial” teaches me that being queer is freeing and that I am gifted the freedom to define my identity and continually change it however I see fit. Gender is immaterial, sexuality is immaterial, the world is what you make of it and you get to define your own path. “

Victor Coronado – “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth, Wind & Fire

“I often think back to my childhood as my mum always played Earth, Wind & Fire on Saturday mornings while she was doing work around the house. I still have that vinyl and a Whitney Houston one as well. Sometimes I joke with my Mom that she was unconsciously creating a Queer human being!”

Ally Han – “BIJIN” by CHANMINA

“It’s like a riot-y j-rap about women’s beauty standards. The music video was a great confirmation of my feelings for ✨ women✨ . As both a woman who grew up in the low-waisted, skinny chic 90’s-2010’s still struggling with her self image, and a hobbyist who makes costumes and posts on social media, the song conveyed my internalized anger with beauty standards and how they’ve manifested themselves in toxic ways within my mind. It makes me want to scream “I’m a f***ing woman and I’m f***ing beautiful” in the mirror, then for good measure, head to the roof then scream “We’re f***ing women and we’re f***ing beautiful” for all those lovely ladies who need to hear it.“

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