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Here’s What You Can Do To Spread the Record Store Love

Here’s What You Can Do To Spread the Record Store Love

There’s something really special and sentimental about going through vinyl records one at a time at your local record store, flipping through the crate, discovering new or forgotten favorites, or seeing artists perform at in-stores. Now faced with an unprecedented challenge due to COVID-19 global health concerns and new mandates, independent retailers are emphasizing the importance of connecting fans with their favorite local stores and driving support to purchase physical products — online.

Record stores, a hub of creativity, are about community and culture. They are a vibrant, meaningful part of our global music industry and, even greater, music history. 

In the past few weeks we’ve seen various initiatives rally behind record stores digitally, and we hope they inspire you to continue to share the message of love to support record stores, directing others to click ‘add to cart.’

Love Record Stores

The Love Record Stores global social media-driven campaign launched on March 26 and since then has asked musicians, artists, actors, and music fans worldwide to film short video clips of themselves talking about what independent record stores mean to them, the artists and records those individual stores have helped them discover, and other reasons and messages to express their love for record stores. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage store fans to continue to shop online even if they can’t actually physically be in the store. 

Want to participate? It’s easy! Share a post on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #LoveRecordStores and tell us what record stores mean to you. 

Take it a step further: Link to your go-to record store’s online store front. 

#RecordStoreOfTheDay Campaign

This week the #recordstoreoftheday campaign launched in the UK to support independent music retailers. In addition to buying from a shop online or calling your local record store over the phone to order a vinyl, branded t-shirt, mug, or poster, you can also show your support by sharing a memorable purchase from your favorite independent record store on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook as part of the #recordstoreoftheday campaign. Everyday the #recordstoreoftheday campaign will spotlight a different independent record store across the country via @recordstoreotd on Twitter, @recordstoreoftheday on Instagram and the Record Store of the Day Facebook page.  

Make sure you include the hashtag #recordstoreoftheday and tag the store in your post featuring a picture or name of a record or other record store purchase you love on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for a chance to win a voucher worth £10 – £150, for use at any participating store. You can do this every single day of the week as the campaign is expected to extend through April and beyond. 

Fans can also follow the campaign on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where a different retailer will be spotlighted each day, offering a glimpse of their rare and upcoming releases, stories about how they were founded, and the faces and people who have brought the store to life over the years.

Take it a step further: Share your post on Instagram Story and tag 5 friends to participate in this challenge. 

Record Store Day

In addition to being a full-fledged operating organization, Record Store Day is an annual event in April and November that celebrates the culture of the independent record store and brings together fans, artists, and thousands of stores across the world. Similar to the Love Record Stores campaign, if you’ve ever participated in a Record Store Day (we know we have!), they’re asking artists, customers, and the music industry at large to tell the world about a record you bought at a record store — whether on Record Store Day or not. This can be any record at any store. Share on your social media feeds why that record and store are special to you and then challenge three of your friends do the same. Use hashtags #loverecordstores and #RSDChallenge.

Still craving records? RSD is updating a list of US record stores and here’s a separate list of UK stores with direct links to purchase from those stores via online or even curbside pickup. 

Take it a step further: Link to your favorite vinyl, tag the store in your post, and add the direct link to purchase your favorite album from the store where you purchased. 

Choose the Indie Option: Artists can choose to add The Indie Option to their website and let fans know that their music is available to pre-order/purchase at indie record stores.

Placing the Indie Option button/link on your site provides music lovers with immediate access to indie record stores! Simply place The Indie Option button (or text) on your site and hyperlink to your product at RSD by following these steps.

Mark your calendar for Record Store Day on June 20 (moved from the original April date) and make sure you support the stores now buying product they have for sale.

Feeling inspired? More ideas to spread the love:

Wear and Share Your Favorite Band Tee: We’re music lovers and it’s without a doubt we all have a favorite band tee — and one that was probably purchased at an independent music retailer. Tell your teammates to wear their favorite band/artist tee. Post a selfie and tag your favorite record store, tag the artist, ask your coworkers to do the same. Always direct folks to the online store front of the record store.

Take it a step further: Buy older versions of your favorite artist/band tour tee online.  

Share Your Favorite Concert: While live shows have been put on hold for the time being, we all have a picture or video taken at our favorite show. If you’ve bought a record of any artist or band you’ve seen live, share a clip of the show along with a picture of the record(s) and tag your local or favorite record store and the artist. Encourage your friends, family, and coworkers to do the same!

Take it a step further: Buy other records by that artist online. 

My First Record: Many music fans pride themselves on their record collection, but do you remember your first vinyl record? If you are still in possession of it, share a picture or video to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with a memory you associate with the record. Don’t forget to tag the record store you originally purchased it from if it is still in business. If not, tag your current favorite record store. Tell your friends and followers to participate and share what got their vinyl collection started!

Take it a step further: If that record has ever had re-releases, buy them from your local record store online!

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