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Don’t Miss The Fresh Talent of Jazz Up-and-Comer Jacob Collier

jacob-cover“I have never in my life seen a talent like this… Beyond category. One of my favourite young artists on the planet — absolutely mind-blowing” – Quincy Jones

“Talent oozing out of every pore” – Jamie Cullum

“I am a big fan… great chords, great arrangements, great singing!” – Pat Metheny

“Wow!! Jacob, your stuff is amazing” – Herbie Hancock

These are just some of the high-praising quotes about 22-year old Jazz up-and-comer, Jacob Collier. This inventive, charismatic young musician is breaking into the Jazz world with vigor, standing out distinctively among his peers. His mentor is none other than the legendary and much loved Quincy Jones, who also manages Jacob Collier through his company, Quincy Jones Productions.

Jacob’s musical skills and general presence are as fresh as can be, which is much welcome in the sometimes shopworn genre of jazz. Combining elements of jazz, a cappella, groove, folks, trip-hop, classical, Brazilian music, gospel, soul and improv’ (to name a few), Jacob Collier manages to create a world of his own, which he showcases beautifully in his debut album. Appropriately titled, In My Rooms songs were all performed, arranged, recorded and produced by Jacob himself, in his room.

His charisma extends beyond his room, too. Collaborating with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, Jacob was able to create a groundbreaking solo live performance vehicle that breaks out from the already known looping performances of this generation of musicians. Combined with his beatboxing skills, Steinway grand piano, super tight bass playing and drumming, and a great multi-layered video screen show, Jacob Collier leaves you amazed after each live performance.

The Orchard is excited to be releasing In My Room on July 1 through Membran. Catch a glimpse of his raw talent in his version of the Flintstones theme song (yes, the very one!) and the music video for “Hideaway.”

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