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Mini Case Study: Juanfran “Como Llora”

Mini Case Study: Juanfran “Como Llora”


Spanish artist Juanfran, short for Juan Francisco, is a phenomenon at only 16 years old. Though he’s been singing since he was 4 years old and writing songs since 11 years old, he kicked off his music career officially in 2019.

Hailing from Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, Juanfran had plans to take his music to countries like Chile, Argentina, Canada, and the United States in 2020. Then COVID-19 happened, and, like the rest of the world, he had to shift gears. What did that involve? Becoming a viral success on TikTok, exposing his music to a new, international audience digitally, and landing on the Billboard charts.

The Orchard and DN7 wanted to give Juanfran’s “Como Llora” single and video maximum visibility through a comprehensive digital marketing and advertising strategy. The teams got to work, growing Juanfran’s Spotify following through a pre-save campaign and expanding his fanbase across Spain, Latin America, and the United States on TikTok.

Mini Case Study: Juanfran “Como Llora”


As part of the larger digital marketing campaign, The Orchard launched a pre-save campaign on February 3 to encourage fans to pre-save “Como Llora” and follow Juanfran on Spotify. A week later, feed and story assets were used on Instagram, getting fans excited and encouraging them to listen to the song on different DSPs. A teaser of the video clip announced a challenge was coming. Fans began quickly learning the lyrics.

That same week from February 7-13, The Orchard launched an advertising campaign to give visibility to the “Como Llora” official music video. The campaign was divided up into two phases, the first to provide the maximum number of views in the first few days, and the second to extend the life of the launch until after Valentine’s Day. The last few months have seen a huge increase of traffic from LATAM to the YouTube video, which now has over 153 million views. The track on Spotify also entered viral charts and placed on top regional playlists. 

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing, Juanfran put a lot of effort on TikTok, growing his profile tremendously. Juanfran and his followers took the track viral on Tik Tok using the sound of the song and hashtag #comollorachallenge

On February 14, Juanfran posted a video on TikTok following the song’s lyrics with a simple choreography. After publishing the video, Juanfran encouraged his followers to participate using the “Duo” tool on TikTok and the hashtag #comollorachallenge. The video was then repurposed to create an ad campaign on Instagram Stories.

Mini Case Study: Juanfran “Como Llora”


  • Top Urbano Europe Award from Premios Tu Música Urbano 2020
  • 153 million views so far on “Como Llora” official music video
  • 3.4 million followers and 2.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify 
  • 1 billion post creations on TikTok, with a platform now at 1 million followers 
  • “Como Llora” peaked at No. 27 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart-dated July 18
  • Pre-Save Remarketing: 63,327 impressions and 19,498 interactions/engagements
  • Pre-Save Similar Audience: 154,173 impressions and 29,526 interactions/engagements
  • Pre-Save Intereses Musicales (Interest in Music): 1,482,032 impressions and 328,642 interactions/engagements
  • Total Pre-Save Clicks: 8,759 
  • Impressions across LATAM, US Latin, and Spain: 5,970,853
  • Results from YouTube Campaign
    • 3,451,384 impressions
    • 1,626,227 visualizations
Mini Case Study: Juanfran “Como Llora”

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