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Out Today by The Orchard: Diet Cig, DRB Lasgidi, & More!

Out Today by The Orchard: Diet Cig, DRB Lasgidi, & More!

It was nice knowing you April, but bring on the May flowers. This week The Orchard is bringing you new releases from American Pop/Rock duo Diet Cig, Nigerian collective DRB Lasgidi, and Taiwanese singer/songwriter WeiBird 韋禮安. 

Diet Cig – Do You Wonder About Me? (Frenchkiss) 

Diet Cig writes the kind of catchy, irresistible songs that stick in the back of your head a week after you listen — and we wouldn’t want it any other way. The Pop/Rock American duo has been writing catchy hooks with unapologetic lyrics since 2014. They released their debut album Swear I’m Good At This in 2017 and garnered up a fanbase that followed them to every high-energy and electric show they put on. In 2019, the duo retreated to Richmond, Virginia to write their newly released sophomore album, Do You Wonder About Me?. After releasing their first album, Alex Luciano, one-half of Diet Cig, said the duo spent a lot of time “growing as people, being humans outside of tour for a little bit, and trying to shed the imposter syndrome.” Do You Wonder About Me? is Diet Cig’s ode to growing up. Listen now on all streaming platforms, and be prepared to continue humming it all week.


Lagos’ youth culture is producing some of the most cutting works of art not only in Nigeria or even Africa, but the world. Sometimes referred to as the Alté scene, the members of DRB Lasgidi had more than a little to do with pushing the boundaries in the artistic youth culture. DRB members Teezee and Boj first coined the term ‘Alté’ back on their 2014 track “Paper” — “The ladies like me because I’m an Alté guy.” After many years of knowing and creating together, the three-man group DRB Lasgidi (made up of Boj, Fresh L, and Teezee) have released their long anticipated album Pioneers. The record is a genre blending, melody infused collection of new age vibes painting the scene of exactly what Lagos, Nigeria represents today. Immerse yourself in the Alté scene by listening to an album made by some of its original players. Pioneers is out now. 

韋禮安 WeiBird – Sounds of My Life (Awesome Music)

Taiwanese singer-songwriter 韋禮安 (WeiBird) first rose to fame after being crowned the 2007 winner of the Taiwanese singing competition show, Happy Sunday. After releasing four full length albums, WeiBird releases his fifth and newest studio album, Sounds of My Life. The studio album is made of 17 tracks that experiment with different music genres, from Folk to Bossa Nova to Disco. When recording and producing the album, WeiBird recorded sounds from his daily life and incorporated them into the album. Check out Sounds of My Life now on all streaming platforms. 

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