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Out Today by The Orchard: Empress Of, Guvna B, & More!

Out Today by The Orchard: Empress Of, Guvna B, & More!

What better way to start the month than with new music? To welcome April with open arms, we are highlighting releases from Honduran-American singer/songwriter and producer Empress Of, Ghanaian-English rapper Guvna B, and Canadian singer/songwriter Ellis. Check out this week’s new releases on Out Today! 

Empress Of, I’m Your Empress Of (Terrible Records)

Los Angeles native with Honduran roots Empress Of writes introspective,empowering lyrics that, when paired with her magnificent vocals, creates delicate but unconstrained pop music.  The singer/songwriter has previously released two albums, Me and Us, collaborated with Khalid and MØ, and has toured with Lizzo and Maggie Rogers. Returning with her third full-length album, Empress Of reflects on her time touring away from home and shows that music is truly magic. “Give Me Another Chance” provides a danceable track that introduces a new aspect of her beloved signature sound. Empress Of describes the title of the album, I’m Your Empress Of, and sets the tone of the album in her own words: “It’s called I’m Your Empress Of because I’ve always felt that once a song is done, and the emotion is there and it’s not inside me anymore, it belongs to the world.” Empress Of is willing to give a part of her to the world for all to see and hear. Listen to I’m Your Empress Of, out now. 

Guvna B, everywhere+nowhere (Allo Mate Records)

On a mission to make an album for everyone whose stories have yet to be told Ghanaian-English rapper from east London Guvna B continues to fill the void for  listeners everywhere. The rapper was heavily inspired by late photographer Vivian Maier, whose work was not discovered and celebrated until after her death. Guvna B equates this experience to the representation of people from his background “whose stems are cut short before the seeds have had a chance to sprout.” everywhere + nowhere tells a story of the fragility of life and grief, but there are moments of hope and growth throughout the journey. Guvna B has made music for over a decade, releasing eight projects, winning two MOBO Awards, and three UMAs, and is seeking renewal in his life and career. The album is a culmination of the knowledge he has acquired over thirteen years and sets the stage for the introduction of a new man and artist. Embark on a journey of rediscovery with everywhere + nowhere, out now. 

Ellis, Born Again (Fat Possum Records)

Ellis is ready to make her mark in the world of dream-pop. Releasing her debut full-length album, the Canadian singer/songwriter details her sometimes-painful experience of self-discovery and transformation. Aptly named Born Again, the album is a diary of Ellis’s journey through challenging her upbringing, beliefs, to eventually redefining who she is. The album feels ethereal yet based in reality, as Ellis combines her confessional lyrics, mesmerizing vocal work, and charming melodies to create a dream-pop masterpiece. Listeners will find themselves floating through church pews, restless cities, and barren forests as Ellis soothing vocals take us through her personal story. Born Again is an honest and vulnerable debut album that introduces Ellis to the world exactly as she wants to be known. 

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Happy Holidays From The Orchard Around The World

Please note, our offices will be closed between December 24th and January 2nd. See you on Tuesday, January 3rd for what we hope will be a fantastic 2017!


Happy Holidays From The Orchard!

From all of us at The Orchard, have a joyous holiday. Our offices will be closed between December 23rd and January 2nd. See you on Tuesday, January 2nd for a wonderful new year!