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Out Today by The Orchard: ENNY, Your Grandparents, Parra for Cuva

Out Today by The Orchard: ENNY, Your Grandparents, Parra for Cuva

This Friday, don’t miss new music from English rapper and singer ENNY, LA trio Your Grandparents, and German DJ Parra for Cuva. 

ENNY – Under Twenty Five (FAMM)

25-year old rapper and singer, ENNY, wraps up her successful breakout year with her debut EP, Under Twenty Five. The young artist’s highly-anticipated EP comes a short ten months after the release of “Peng Black Girls” (feat. Amia Brave), ENNY’s debut single and instant sensation that’s become a unifying anthem for Black women everywhere. Her newest seven-track project demonstrates ENNY’s poignant storytelling abilities and determination to stand as an empowering activating force for underrepresented people everywhere. ENNY describes her creative process in crafting Under Twenty Five, stating “This project concept was birthed in the most confusing time of my early 20’s. I was caught between the sudden ticking of the age clock and feeling unfulfilled in a nine-to-five. The songs reflect not only my journey into quitting my job to do music but also everyone involved in bringing this to life – from meeting PAYA who nurtured and produced the tracks to just connecting with some really amazing people at Root 73. I hope everyone that listens is able to feel the love and care that’s gone into crafting these songs because it’s not just mine, it’s ours, and just the first of many.”  

Your Grandparents – Thru My Window (Your Grandparents)

The Los Angeles-based trio, Your Grandparents, resolidify their title as Psych soul pioneers with their newest album Thru My Window. The group, composed of producer ghettoblasterman and vocalists DaCosta and Jean Carter, credit their nostalgic and cohesive sound to their decade-long friendship: “Our tastes have kind of combined into one. There’s not a lot of communication on the creation end that has to happen. We just fall into place,” explains producer ghettoblasterman. Though the trio launched their career in rap music, their work has quickly evolved into a sound that nods to funk, hip-hop, rock, and blues, and they credit artists such as D’Angelo and Pink Floyd as their inspiration. Thru My Window is anchored in nostalgic sounds without sounding dated, and serves as “a crisp and ethereal nod to the soulful tracks from yesterday” explains The Wild Honey Pie. The album’s lead single, “So Damn Fly” harkens back to the 70s era that inspired the track with its psychedelic bassline and electronic guitar licks. 

Parra for Cuva – Juno (Parra for Cuva)

Berlin artist Parra for Cuva brings his original sound to electronic dance music with his newest album, Juno. The 13 tracks serve as a meditative and dreamy journey that mixes melancholic electronic sounds with acoustic landscapes, a unique signature of Parra for Cuva’s discography. Though the album was entirely produced within the four walls of the artist’s Berlin studio, Juno’s tracks teem with multi-cultural diversity with recordings that contain the South American ronroco, the Indian flute, and the ancient Persain hammered dulcimer. Juno follows the success of the Parra for Cuva’s previous album, Paspatou, a highly acclaimed project named after the butler of Jule Verne’s “Around The World In 80 Days,” a nod to the artist’s worldly sound and perspective. Parra for Cuva explains that his genre-blending sound, which spans from downtempo house to hip-hop, is meant to surprise listeners, stating “I always want to have something weird that you wouldn’t expect in my music.” The album’s focus track, “Manilla Palm,” is accompanied by a music video that follows a mysterious Berlin tale, evoking a sense of storytelling that matches the music’s comfortable tone. 

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