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Out Today by The Orchard: LeAnn Rimes, Su’Lan, El Osito Wito

Out Today by The Orchard: LeAnn Rimes, Su’Lan, El Osito Wito

Get pumped for the weekend with brand new releases distributed by The Orchard, featuring LeAnn Rimes, Su’Lan, and El Osito Wito.

LeAnn Rimes

The long famous singer-songwriter, LeAnn Rimes, has released her new album god’s work. Rimes recently celebrated her 25th anniversary as a recording artist by commemorating her debut album Blue. In this next venture, she is exploring a sound that touches on themes of togetherness, female empowerment, and the strength of love. Due to the overwhelming love of her fans, she even added “how much a heart can hold” to the track list, a song she had written for her husband Eddie 11 years ago. Rimes says, “it was time to share it with the world, so that you could have the opportunity to make it a part of some of your most memorable, tender moments too.”


The new album Forever Da Gang by rap duo, Su’Lan is out now! Saunsu (Su) raised in Pittsburg, CA, and Emahalani (Lan), raised in Oakland, CA, have captivated their listeners with punchy and honest lyrics from previous projects such as Tia & Tamera (2019) and Baby Glock Gang (2020). The duo wants fans to know that “it’s Su’Lan season. Always.” Their flow and sound pays homage to the hip-hop artists they listened to growing up like Notorious B.I.G and inspirations like Salt-N-Pepa. Recent singles “Go Fund Me” and “Good 2 Me” are featured on the 10 track release. With how impressive their rise has been, it’s clear that it is Su’Lan season.

El Osito Wito

Argentine artist, Juan Gabriel Salva aka El Osito Wito, presents his debut album El Maquinon. This album is heavily inspired by the 2002-2015 era of music, specifically of the reggaetón genre. Using the stylistic elements that he heard in his youth and adolescence, El Osito Wito takes us on this innovative journey where he also meshes synth and electronic sounds on tracks like “Sátira.” With features by Yael YTBM and TAICHU, and 276k+ monthly listeners on Spotify, this project marks an incredible milestone in the young artist’s career.

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