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Out Today by The Orchard: MAX, fromis_9, & Ngaara

Out Today by The Orchard:  MAX, fromis_9, & Ngaara

So many new releases, so little time! If you’re in the need for some new tunes, take a listen to the third full-length album from American recording artist MAX, nine-piece South Korean group fromis_9, and the debut album from Rwandan artist Ngaara. Let’s get to it!

MAX – Colour Vision (Colour Vision Records/SME)

Born and raised in New York City, multi-platinum recording artist MAX has toured the world multiple times over, garnered over 1.2 Billion streams, been featured in a Dolce and Gabbana campaign with Madonna, and starred in critically acclaimed films and television shows. Colour Vision is the highly-anticipated third album from MAX, with artist features such as SUGA of BTS, Hayley Kiyoko, bbno$, Chromeo, and Quinn XCII. Four years ago, MAX had surgery on his vocal cords which left him unable to speak or sing for months. With this album, MAX says with Buzzfeed, “it felt like a rebirth. And that’s the theme of the entire album — finding the colour in your life and shunning the negatives and really diving into what positive things you may have overlooked before.” Listen to Colour Vison out now everywhere! 

fromis_9 – My Little Society (Genie Music Corp)

South Korean group fromis_9 is back again with a new mini-album, My Little Society. The nine members first got together on the reality show Idol School – hence their group name: fromis_9. My Little Society is comprised of five tracks. The release starts out with the catchy intro of ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ following up with “Weather,” a minimal yet funky track, followed by  별의 밤’ featuring a sentimental piano accompaniment composed by SeoYeon Lee, followed by “Somebody to Love,” a medium tempo pop song, and closing out with “물고기,” a track filled with disco beats with amusing lyrics from the perspective of a fish living in a small tank. Listen to My Little Society out now!

Ngaara –  AMARASO  (Green Ferry Music)

Born Dan Ngalamulume, Ngaara is a rising creative artist based in Rwanda. Born in Kigali, to a Congolese father and Rwandan mother, he was raised in the middle of Kigali in the neighborhood of Nyamirambo. A member of the collective Antik Dust, AMARASO is the debut album release of Ngaara as a solo artist. AMARASO translates to “blood,” and to Ngaara it represents a strong human bond, one so fragile that a drop on the ground spreads a feeling of endangerment like nothing else we know. Throughout the album, Ngaara explores the theme of relationships from every perspective. Vulnerability and honesty is weaved throughout the project. As Nagaara says “I want my work to bring out and inspire the best and purest version of myself and of others.” Check out the debut album AMARASO now.

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