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Out Today by The Orchard: Rodriguinho, Amilli, Acceptance.

Out Today by The Orchard: Rodriguinho, Amilli, Acceptance.

Happy Friday, Happy October, and Happy New Music Day! This week’s new releases feature both rising artists and artists who have been playing together for over 20 years. Check out what new music is out today from Brazilian recording artist Rodriguinho, German rising artist Amilli, and emo/pop-punk favorite Acceptance.

Rodriguinho – Moda (Waves Sound)

Brazilian artist Rodriguinho is back with his latest project. His new EP Moda includes six tracks featuring both renowned and new generation composers, such as his son Gaab, Thiaguinho, Diney, Douglas Lacerda, among others. You may know Rodriguinho as a member of the pagode group Os Travessos, where he found incredible success and established himself and his name within the Brazilian music scene. For a number of years now, Rodriguinho has been focusing on his solo career. In Moda, the songwriting speaks of love, overcoming, separation, and of course as the title suggests, fashion! Listen to Moda now on all platforms! 

Amilli – Pulling Punches  (MIGHTKILLYA) 

German artist Amilli presents her second EP, Pulling Punches. Growing up in the small German town of Bochum, Amilli was first introduced to music at a young age growing up in a musical household. With her new EP, Amilli’s continues to expand beyond language barriers and borders. Her songwriting explores topics such as empowerment and young love, while also taking the listeners through the insecurities of her own self-discovery. “The things I write about are very heartfelt and much closer to me than before,” Amilli says, “I discussed and learned a lot about feminism and had fun writing empowering songs such as “IMNTBYG“ and “Green Eyes.” Listen to Pulling Punches from Amilli now. 

Acceptance – Wild, Free (Tooth & Nail Records) 

Comprised of Jason Vena, Kaylan Cloyd, Ryan Zwiefelhofer, Christian McAlhaney, and Garrett Lunceford, Acceptance has been making music together for over 22 years. For the first time in three years, Acceptance has released their long-awaited new album Wild, Free. Their latest album combines sonic storytelling over ‘80s synth-wave and yacht rock melodies. Fans will be happy to recognize the group’s signature power-pop and emotive aggression that they’ve come to know and love. Listen to the Acceptance’s new album out now. 

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