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Out Today by The Orchard: Twista, Ingrid Michaelson & More

Out Today by The Orchard: Twista, Ingrid Michaelson & More

This week we’re taking it back to the days of neon scrunchies, shoulder pads and fanny packs with retro new music from some of your favorite artists. So tune in to the decade of your choosing and reminisce with these albums from Ingrid Michaelson, Twista and Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein queued up.

What started as a show, quickly became a phenomenon. What started as a poem, quickly became a record. This week, Ingrid Michaelson brings the world of Netflix’s Stranger Things to our ears with her eighth studio album titled Stranger Songs through Cabin 24 Records, directly inspired by the 80’s centric fan-favorite series. While tracks such as “Pretty” and “Missing You” carry their own modern-day lyrical weight atop hollow beats and synth, they hint towards specific scenes from the show that resonated with Michaelson. She mentions in an interview with CNET how after losing her parents, communicating through Christmas lights was “evocative” for her. Then she went on to write a poem that translated directly into the song “Christmas Lights.” Combined with the messages of friendship and longing, Michaelson takes us back to the sound of the 80’s that reflects her own relatable nostalgia. Whether you’re an 80’s kid missing the days of synth-pop or a fan anxiously awaiting season 3 of Stranger Things, Ingrid Michaelson’s Stranger Songs will be the perfect soundtrack for you. 

Another reminiscent artist returns with the famous flow from a different era. Nineties rap royalty Twista is back with his Summer 96 mixtape through GMG Entertainment. While the tongue-twisting rapper has always been known for his quick licks, Summer 96 showcases the Twista who can “slow down the flow, serving up his warning in a digestible fashion: he’s coming, and he hasn’t lost a step.” Prior to the release of the mixtape, Twista went out on the road with what he calls the Class of 96: Crucial Conflict, PsychoDrama, Do Or Die and Shawnna. Not only are these all West Chicago artists, they’re also the products of the 90’s age of rap. They set out to perform old favorites and hinted towards the next generation of Chicago rap. The single setting 90’s Twista apart from as a modern-day lyrical genius is “Tonite” which he describes as having a “Motown, Michael Jackson feel to it.” The 15 song tape is an ode to the old world of Twista and the new sound of rap being built by him and DJ Pharris. Listen to the Summer 96 mix throughout Summer 2019.

The most anticipated release this week, for most fans and of course Ingrid Michaelson, is Stranger Things 3 (Original Score from the Netflix Original Series). Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are back alongside Lakeshore Records with a beautifully-crafted array of songs that are far more than just a Netflix score. The release, which will accompany the premiere of Season 3 on July 4th, feeds the narrative and emotions of the show that are so deeply rooted in 80’s fantasy and dream-like sci-fi. “We’ve really made an effort to curate this album to showcase the moments we think are really special,” the two told Pitchfork. We may not know the exact instances drawn from the season yet, but the release of “Starcourt,” in reference to the show’s mall, and “The Ceiling Is Beautiful” tell a sonic story in and of themselves. If you’re a fan of the saga, be sure to check out Dixon and Stein’s synth-driven ride that plays into the story you know and love.

Now you have enough Stranger Things to get you pumped up for the show’s return and Twista to take you back to the Summer of ‘96. Enjoy your Independence Day and the new music brought to you by The Orchard’s labels and artists. 

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