Out Today by The Orchard: Taburete & The Atomic Bitchwax

It’s a busy week at The Orchard as we wrap up the year and celebrate the holidays. We had our annual Ugly Sweater party featuring sparkly cats and human sized Christmas trees. It’s a season of cheer and gathering and nothing brings people together quite like music. We’ve got releases from two very different artists for you this week. A Spanish alt-pop group just want to talk and a thrash rock album will get you moshing, all out today.


The Age of Video & The Future Of Advertising

It is evident that video has dominated 2017. This is because unlike emails, tweets, or a photo, videos content is the closest to reality. We are able to feel that we are a part of the same story the video is sharing. It takes over our imagination, hearing, and sight; this is currently the only format compatible with our senses and creativity. For personal interaction, advertisements, film, and video – motion is the common thread. It’s important to understand why video has risen to prominence to become better prepared for the future of advertising: artificial reality interfaces.


Welcome, Ryan M.!

Ryan MazieIntroducing Ryan Mazie, Manager, Theatrical Publicity

My name is Ryan Mazie and I am the new manager of National Theatrical Publicity.

Originally from New Jersey, I spent my last semester of Emerson College “abroad” in Los Angeles and never left.

I started my career doing personal publicity for an array of actors, musicians, directors, and writers before moving over to Focus Features where I have been for the past year before joining The Orchard.


German Super-label SPV Rocks The Orchard’s Roster

Headbangers rejoice: one of rock and metal music’s biggest record companies, SPV, has found a home at The Orchard. We’re partnering up with SPV’s team to provide their legendary catalog and exciting slate of upcoming releases with digital distribution worldwide.

What does this mean exactly? It means that genre defining releases by heavy-hitters like Whitesnake, Sepultura, Kaiser Chiefs, Motörhead, Alice Cooper, The Scorpions, Anvil and much more will be available via yours truly on digital services all over the globe. (more…)

The Orchard: 20 Years Of Teamwork

To highlight our team, we’ve put together an infographic to share all the fun facts that make up the people behind The Orchard. Our squad has a combine 2,806 years in the entertainment industry across over 30 countries and has dedicated over 776 years to sharing independent music and films alongside The Orchard. Many of us favor Chill Vibes and first began listening to our favorite tunes on classic cassette tapes. Our team is full of active volunteers and families that continue to grow. From fur babies to real babies, check out the infographic below for more details on what makes us, us.  With this group of talented and hardworking individuals, it’s no surprise The Orchard has become a leader in global distribution.