The Many Sounds Of ‘Stranger Things’

The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling, and the inevitable approach of creepy and mysterious has begun. In recent years, horror and science fiction has kicked into high gear in an formerly unlikely setting, television. Themes captured in shows like, American Horror Story and Bates Motel, were previously only depicted in cinema and definitely unheard of on cable due to their twisted and often graphic nature. Preceded only by the popularity of classics such as The Twilight Zone or Buffy, recent supernatural thrillers have developed into a television phenomena, breaking through the predictability of sitcoms, crime or hospital dramas we have grown so familiar. Coming back for a second and highly anticipated season, Stranger Things will be available Friday, October 27th, on Netflix. And we’ll tell you why The Orchard is so excited.


Out Today by The Orchard: The Walking Dead, The Frightnrs & More

Taking a break this month may seem tough – summer serenity feels like a lifetime ago as the hours of sunlight grow shorter. Keep pushing through with the colors of fall, holidays, upcoming winter festivities and three incredible new releases. A pop voice with the melodies of heartbreak, beats having you at the edge of your seat from one the most popular TV shows, and a reggae sound destined for tranquility, are all Out Today.

Time for another season of the most riveting post-apocalyptic world, spewing with zombies and our favorite actors, coming together to destroy them. In case you are unsure of which show we’re talking about – The Walking Dead premieres it’s eighth season on AMC this Sunday, the 22nd. With a new season comes a new soundtrack by Bear McCreary. Prepare for a scare with fresh beats backdropping Daryl riding that infamous motorcycle, Michonne swinging her signature weapon, and most notably, Rick devising his many plans amidst dramatic beats to heighten your nerves. Get a taste of The Walking Dead (Original Television Soundtrack) from Lakeshore Records with the official trailer below.

Welcome, Mike M.!

Mike MilizzoIntroducing Mike Milizzo, Video Engineer, Film

My name is Michael Milizzo, but you can call me Mike. I recently joined The Orchard as a Video Engineer in the Film department.

I graduated from NYU with a BFA in film/television and the dream of becoming a studio executive. Nevertheless, my first job out of school was Story Assistant on The Real Housewives of Long Island. Alas, the world was deprived of the show due to cast members leaving, and it was rebranded as Secrets and Wives which lasted one season.


A Reeperbahn Collaboration Celebration

Reeperbahn 2017This year, The Orchard and finetunes joined forces. In celebration of this global collaboration, our teams united to host an event at Reeperbahn Festival. The festival took place September 20th through 23rd, boasting a huge number of showcases, conferences, panels and more, all throughout Hamburg, Germany. With more than 40,000 visitors, 4,700 delegates from over 58 countries, 600 live concerts, 420 bands, in over 70 locations within four days, the festival has grown astronomically and continues to get more and more attention from the global music community.