Another Sonic Dish Steaming With Casio Spirit

It is no surprise that Jerry Dimmer took the role of a cartoonist and illustrator for children’s books in another life. Now the man from Bruxelles, Belgium still refuses to follow any well worn paths and spends his time pushing the envelope with his genre busting musical universe under the name of Dim Dim. The songs on his new album Whip are like adventures through a twisted world created by Peter Max and Robert Crumb, with their almost neurotic blend of musical elements manifested in warped sambas and psychedelic waltzes. It will be a challenge not to grin with utter delight as you imagine one of his cartoon characters frolicking through the riff jungle. The brothers behind Dim Dim’s label Audio Dregs deserve three high fives apiece for keeping up the good work.

Top Ten Albums of 2008 – Aaron Turner (Isis)

With the changing of the times and 2009 rapidly approaching, The Daily Rind want to take a look back on what has been quite an awesome year in music. We asked some of our favorite labels and artists to narrow it down and tell us their top 10’s of 2008.

Aaron Turner, guitarist and vocalist from the band Isis, is the first to share his favorites with us. Ipecac Recordings Isis is an avant-garde metal band hailing from the city of angels. Their pseudo-concept albums stretch the bounds of heavy music and show an intellectualism that reaches artistic fans outside of strictly metal circles. Isis has impacted music with their unique personal vision, so let’s take a peek into Aaron Turner’s album selection:

AURA NOIR Hades Rises Buy
HYDRA HEAD – 2008 Releases…all of them
LEVIATHANMassive Conspiracy Against All Life
PRURIENTCocaine Death + And Still, Wanting
OREN AMBARCHIIn The Pendulum’s Embrace
MEGADETHRust In Peace + Peace Sells But Who’s Buying (LP Reissues)

More X-Mas: Raveonettes Style

The Raveonettes wrapped their EP series last week with Wishing You A Rave Christmas . Not content to just release a holiday short-player, they’re giving away a track from the album for free. Let’s hear it for Christmas Spirit! Peep “Come On Santa,” all woozy guitars and the same bittersweet harmonies that won Sune and Sharin praise earlier this year when they released their blissed-out fuzzsterpiece Lust Lust Lust . Highly recommend slipping this one in your digital stocking — not-so-subtle drug references and all.

MP3 : The Raveonettes – Come On Santa

Termanology’s “How We Rock” Breaks into Mainstream

Termanology’s “How We Rock” featuring Bun B. has burned its way up from the underground onto MTV. The video is up for voting this week on MTVu’s The Freshman. Only 5 videos make the cut each week, allowing college students to comment and vote on their favorite cut. The winning video is added to MTVu rotation the following week.

“How We Rock” is the lead single from Term’s latest album, Politics as Usual, which hit stores this September on Nature Sounds Records. The track was produced by DJ Premier, and the video is a who’s who in hip-hop, with cameos from M.O.P’s Lil Fame, Grafh, Consequence, and more, showing Bun B wasn’t alone when he said, “Termanology puts the MC back in MC’ing, he’s a breath of fresh air in this dirty game.”

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