Vandalizing The Classics: OC Punk Vets Cover ZZ Top, Queen, Ramones, Polish Turds

Orange County, CA comedy-punk vets The Vandals recently released BBC 1 Sessions and Other Polished Turds , a digital-only collection of rarities from the annals of Vandals history and BBC 1’s Lock-Up Sessions with Mike Davis. The album boasts some of the best from those sessions, featuring hilarious renditions of ZZ Top, Sublime, and Queen fare, and a tear jerking piano version of the dead pet lament “Canine Euthanasia.” Plus there’s exclusive new tracks – “Long Haired Lover” and “You’re Not The Boss Of Me (Kick It)” – featuring Emmy-winning comedian Bob Odenkirk (AKA the Bob half of Mr. Show). The rest, mostly cover songs, come from ancient Ramones tributes, lame Alice Cooper tribute albums, and even an awesome Japanese Disney tribute. The cheesiest of the cheesy, however, has to be the Vandals version of “Long Haired Lover From Liver Pool,” the song then-9-year-old Jimmy Osmond topped the U.K. pop charts with in 1972. Full tracklist after the jump.

MP3 : The Vandals – Change The World With My Hockey Stick


Digital Is Playing Dirty

Slip on those white shades, pull down the door to the Delorean and get ready to be ‘tooken’ to the future of hip hop. Dirty Digital is a duo from Chicago who is doing things proper by delivering us a mix of electro and hip hop that will make you want to do the robot while you take out your new iPhone to tell your mom just how solid these tunes are. Qwazaar (of Typical Cats) and Silence (of Outerlimitz) are the emcees/producers that reside beneath all that digital dirt and they have teamed up with G.O.O.D. Music’s G.L.C. (also featured in Kanye West’s “Drive Slow” and “Spaceship”) for their 1st single “Sodapopinski.”

Having just returned from seeing Kanye West at the Virgin Mobilefest, i can say that Dirty Digital would have fit right in with Kanye’s retro-electro hip-pop crusade and the hordes of hip-hop heads, hipsters and good ol’ music fans that were loving it. “Sodapopinski” is an homage to old school pop culture with both the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! reference and the filters that try to contain this arpeggiated, synth-laden track as it sweeps and dances through your speakers and all up in your brainium. The single can be found keeping company with a few other tasty tracks from the Dirty Digital boys on their debut maxi-single, available now. Also on the release are some ear-splitting, fist-pump inspiring remixes from the likes of Hey Champ and DJ Jali.

This music is truly a breath of fresh air, and as proclaimed on the “Madonna” remix, the Dirty Digital sound is guaranteed to make your “woofers fried,” so get ready to shake what your momma gave you in those Z. Cavaricci’s that I know you never had the heart to throw away. This is where music is heading, so roll up your sleeves and strap in, cause it’s gonna get dirty.

Bounce Around With Some Bhangra

I have to admit – as much as I try to be as worldly of a person as I can, there is just too much to learn and too much to know on a daily basis. Luckily for me, I’ve been able to amp up my exposure and learning experience through my passions – food being one, but more importantly, music! Whether it’s heavy industrial techno straight out of a Berlin club, rhythms and chants around a Brazilian berimbao, or French electro-pop á la Sébastien Tellier, I can definitely say that I have pretty eclectic international taste in tunes.

I probably wouldn’t have even known that there was a name for Indian-sounding music that is a little traditional, a little hip-hop, and a lotta dance, but luckily my best friend Ethan got me in to something known as Bhangra. In our generation, Bhangra has gotten some commercial exposure through mainstream hip-hop artists like Jay-Z with Punjabi MC in “Beware of the Boys,” but once a hip-hop fan hears that kind of beat, they’re hooked. It’s a completely different feel, and whether you know how to dance Bhangra style or not, you’ll want to attempt it once you hear this. (more…)

Mr. Lif issues Presidential Report

Hip-hop visionary, Mr. Lif issued a “Presidential Report” today ahead of a newly announced unprecendented “album” which will be released piece by piece leading up to election day. According to a press release, Mr. Lif will write and release 1-2 songs every three weeks until Election Day on November 4th, following which Mr. Lif will release one more single based on his post electoral thoughts.  This single will preface the release of the I Heard It Today full length on Inauguration Day (January 20, 2009), out through Lif’s own label Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises.  The album will feature additional unreleased tracks and corresponding artwork.

In addition, Mr. Lif will be issuing regular “Presidential Reports” commenting on recent events in national and world politics. “The Presidential Report, Vol. 1” tackles tension between Obama and McCain and the recently erupted conflict between Russia and Georgia, and can currently be heard on Mr. Lif’s MySpace page. Stay tuned as more “Presidential Reports” are sure to follow, connecting the dots between each new installment of I Heard it Today.

MP3: Mr. Lif – Presidential Report, Vol. 1

Call Shall Perish: Oakland Deathcore Demigods Launch Phone Line

In preparation for the release of their ferocious third full-length, Awaken The Dreamers, Oakland metalmeisters All Shall Perish have launched an interactive mobile fan club to support the legion of Dreamers eagerly awaiting the album’s release. By joining, fans get special content only available to members. What sort of stuff, you ask? Tons. An Awaken The Dreamers cellphone wallpaper, ringtones from the album, and text updates sent directly from the band about all things ASP. All fans need to do to join is text asp to 66937. Standard carrier text messaging rates apply, but that’s it. No extra cost!

In other ASP news, the band recently announced a slew of winter dates in support of the mighty Job For A Cowboy. Hate Eternal, Animosity, and Annotations of an Autopsy will tag along for the ride, as the tour kicks off on November 13th in Pomona, California, and winds back down over a month later on December 16th in Tuscon. Dates after the jump. And be warned: the All Shall Perish headlining tour looms not far off in the distance. Prepare!

MP3: All Shall Perish – Awaken The Dreamers