Immortal Tech Passin’ Specs On The 3rd World

Immortal Technique
The 3rd World / Viper / BUY

Whoosh! Did you just see little Timmy sprint past at blazing speed, screaming for his mommy? Could’ve been anything that scared him. Anything. But push play on Immortal Technique‘s Third World –an album so vicious and intense that it can’t help but destroy everything in its path, one track at a time– and you have a valid reasoning for Timmy’s b-line.

Politically and socially embittered, Third World addresses everything from prejudice in “Harlem Renaissance” to bottom-up coups in the tribal-sounding title cut, where Tech preaches, “I’m from where they overthrow democratic leaders, not for the people, but for the Wall Street Journal readers.” Strong words from an emcee clearly angry enough to tangle –via intellect or fist– with anyone that may so choose. Amazingly, whether you’re on the same ideological wavelength, or whether you accidentally confuse the word “f*ck” with a common word like “and” (yes, they are used almost the same number of times), Third World has an incredibly infectious quality to it. The album, out on Viper Records, can transform the happiest Hippie into the Incredible Hulk instantly. Try to listen without spitting along with I-T. Impossible.

Stream various tracks here.

Au’s Verbs: Birthed, Delivered, Liberated!

Ay you! Literally. Yeah you, over there–have you been to eMusic lately? We have, and we’re pleased to report that Au‘s sophomore album, Verbs, is available for sale — a full week in advance of its official street date. Comparable to a conservatory-bred Animal Collective, this brainchild of Portland, Oregon’s Luke Wyland is a must have for all you experimental music buyers out there. Earlier this spring, Au played a slew of dates with Blitzen Trapper. But the madness certainly isn’t ending there, folks. Still on tap are a bunch of shows with Deerhoof in the midwest; check below for those dates! And don’t forget to head on over to eMusic and snag Au’s Verbs for yourself, and when you do, know that you’re cooler than the other side of the pillow. Believe the hype. We most certainly do. Dates after the jump.

MP3 : Au – Sleep


Sam Champion On Heavenly Bender With New Record

REJOICE!: Brooklyn garage-pop darlings Sam Champion are set to release the divine Heavenly Bender on September 2nd. Following on the heels of their 100% gratis, jock-teasin’ RCRD LBL EP, HB is nothing short of a full-on reinvention and reinvigoration of their already-superb ’05 debut, Slow Rewind. Just ask the folks over at Stereogum, who freaked back in April when lead-leak “Like A Secret” corroborated talk of some hefty ‘tween-album evolution. Written and recorded in Brooklyn basements, home studios and creaky barns, the Champ’s second effort shows a new sonic vision; an expansive range of sounds and songs that’ll leave no earbud, profile, or, uh, CD player(?) untainted. It began with “Like A Secret,” it continues with the infectiously earwormy “Be Mine Everyone.”

MP3 : Sam Champion: “Be Mine Everyone”

Oh, and if you like that, some little rag called Rolling Stone recently paid the band a visit to get a live take. Perched in the back of their baggin’ wagon “The Cobra” a camera crew recorded the band running through an acoustic version of “Be Mine Everyone.” Nice, huh? And if you like that, well, there’s no excuse to miss the band at Popped! (alongside indie juggernauts like Vampire Weekend, fellow Rind faves Mates of State, and The Ting Tings), or at Celebrate Brooklyn, where they’ll join Elvis Perkins and Cold War Kids in the Prospect Park Bandshell. Dates, tracklist, and more after the jump.


eMusic Falls For Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti’s debut Seun Kuti & Fela’s Egypt 80 was reviewed last week on eMusic! Considering his family legacy (he is Fela’s youngest son, Femi’s half-brother), it’s easy to have great expectations for Seun’s first effort. Recorded with his father’s band, Egypt 80 (a group he’s been leading since Fela’s death in 1997), his eagerly awaited first effort was worth the wait: as eMusic writes, “this superb debut hints that things could get even better from here. ” Seun actually pushes forward Fela’s afro funk sound to create his own signature, the Afrobeat for our generation. Read the full eMusic review here!

Seun Kuti will be touring the US and throughout the world all summer. See all dates on his Myspace.

Doing More With Hess

“Denial is the New Confession” according to Mikkel Hess, Danish musician and director of the band Hess is More . Their new release, Denial (or is that “Confession”?), is their fifth with Copenhagen based label Music for Dreams and is out worldwide on June 23rd. With a style best described as “electronica fused with free style disco jazz”, Hess is More has achieved notable success, receiving Danish Grammy awards and nominations in such categories as — Best Electronica Act, Best Cross-Over Album, and New Jazz Name of the Year. In addition to all the award acclaim, their track “Ssshhhh” made tune of the week at major Denmark radio station P3, and has been in the top 10 for 2 weeks running on iTunes Denmark. Oh, and lest we forget, Denial received a whopping 5/6 stars in POLITIKEN (one of the most serious culture papers in Denmark).

Hess himself graduated from The Rhythmic Conservatory in the summer of 2002 with drums as his main instrument, studying with the legendary Ed Thigpen. He’s perhaps a little eccentric – at one of his radio events it was announced that they would be “working on covering the studio in a transparent plastic, which would help establish a healthy level of denial about the fact that the ceremony takes place in a studio environment.” Indeed, a ‘typical Hess day’ all round.