Ra Ra Rawk

You’ve got to love a band that mouths the lyrics along with the lead singer. Ra Ra Riot, now on tour, made their first appearance at Siren Music Festival this past Saturday along with other notable artists Dragons of Zynth, The Dodos, Stephen Malkmus, and Broken Social Scene.

Needless to say, the crowd for the RRR set was on the tips of their toes. There was a buzz in the air (no, not an air-born illness from the beach) and they certainly lived up to it during their dynamic performance.

“Ghost Under Rocks” was clearly a crowd favorite (with most of the audience mouthing the words right along with frontman Wesley Miles and the rest of the band). When a rambunctious Miles jumped the stage/VIP fence during standout track “Dying is Fine,” the polite singer then apologized for pushing people while leaping through the crowd.

In anticipation of RRR’s first full length album The Rhumb Line, set to drop August 19th via Barsuk, most of us here at Rind HQ absolutely Ra Ra rocked out at the show. If you missed it, don’t worry; they’ll be back in NYC October 17th, and just about everywhere else in the coming months.

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Backyard Tire Fire Turn Up The Heat

Short notice can often be the best notice; to find out about something awesome is happening and realize you can actually take part is a great feeling. Well! You can achieve that feeling by simply turning on the radio (satellite if applicable…) right now! Backyard Tire Fire are playing their new album The Places We Lived live on WFPK in Louisville starting at 12PM EST today!!!

And of course, the Internet and all its wonders can bring you the show as well-with one simple click of the mouse here! Hurry folks, the great music has already begun!

All Aboard the Soul Train

Okay, so as New Yorkers, we feel as though we are entitled to certain things. Walking fast. Ignoring crazy people. Jaywalking. Honking. And last but not least, complaining about the subway. For those of our readers not from the Big Apple, allow me to paint a quick picture of the New York City subway in the summertime. Imagine your high school locker room after the National Fitness Test that came around in June. It’s hot, it’s stuffy, it’s stagnant, and let’s face it… it stinks. Okay, now take that locker room and pack it full of not just your gym class, but the ENTIRE SCHOOL. Sounds cozy, huh?

So this morning it was raining here in NY, which adds a whole new layer of annoyance, stench and crowdedness to the subway. I bolt towards the stairs as I hear the conductor announce “Dmmmmtwnnnn tmmmm. Fffmmmmst stuueet nesssst.” (translation: Downtown R train, 49th st next). I try to maneuver down the stairs as quickly as possible, but after nearly getting my eye poked out by the XXXXL golf umbrella the woman in front of me had to keep under her arm (in addition to her newspaper, pocketbook, gym bag and mini dog) I arrive at the train in time to see the doors seal shut in front of me. The next train comes, and this time I make it aboard. 2 stops. I need to go 2 stops. That’s not that bad… until the dude with Bird Flu standing next to me starts sneezing and more or less snoring while he is awake. This entire time, however, I have a massive smile on my face. How is this possible? The Diplomats of Solid Sound featuring The Diplomettes, that’s how.


WAKE UP SLEEPYHEADS! It’s the new EP from Passion Pit.

Here’s what it is: complex, loud, tight, fun, dreamy, soulful. And what do we call it? “Sleepyhead,” the new single from Cambridge-based poppers Passion Pit, lead by lyricist, beatmaker, and plain-and-simple mastermind Michael Angelakos.

Here’s what it’s not: dull, boring, or anything resembling sleep. In fact, the track, with it’s electro-claps, high pitched vocal loops, and dominant synth melodies will promptly launch your dance-deprived ass out of bed in the morning. I guarantee it – coffee ain’t got nothing on “Sleepyhead.”

“Sleepyhead” is also the bonus track on this five-piece band’s upcoming EP, Chunk of Change. Passion Pit recently signed to Frenchkiss Records (home to Les Savy Fav and The Dodos, among others) and have already made waves by opening for acts like Death Cab For Cutie, Girl Talk, and These New Puritans. And you New Yorkers should pay special attention, because the band has secured a three-date residency at Pianos on the 13th, 20th, and 27th of August. So wake up and mark your calendars!!

MP3: Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

Aesop Rock at McCarren Park

Aesop Rock will be playing a free show at McCarren Park Pool on Sunday, August 17th. Rind frequenters will notice that’s the same day that Sharon Jones plays at Central Park’s SummerStage. We hate when this happens. Oh well, it could be worse – we could be living in Hutchinson, KS.

Aesop Rock’s set is part of the free JellyNYC Pool Parties that occur every Sunday at McCarren Park. The Long Island-born artist is currently touring the U.S all summer, with a notable 3-night-stop at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.

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