Dodos Make It Look Like A Piece Of ‘Cake’

The beauty of the secret show is in the intimacy of the crowd. The vibes can be felt all across the room, and the performers and viewers are one. Needless to say, that was exactly the feeling at The Cake Shop last Thursday, where The Dodos truly showed their skills to the comfy group.

“Fools” and “Ashley” were noticeable favorites, whose performances became sing alongs. Lucky for all, their performance of “Fools” has been forever preserved on video, for all to relive the feeling of the night! The shiny red backdrop and christmas lights set everyone’s face in a grin, and the energy pumped the whole time. The percussive, speed-strummed guitar of Meric Long met drummer Logan Kroeber’s click and rumble beats for an unforgettable gig.

The Dodos modestly kept Thursday’s energy going into the weekend, with intense performances at the Siren Music Festival on Saturday (story in pictures via Brooklyn Vegan), and at the Pitchfork Music Festival yesterday! Pictures galore to come… Next up for the guys is a show in Seattle, followed by a stint of overseas business lasting until late September, when they make their triumphant return.

MP3: The Dodos – Fools

MP3: The Dodos – Ashley

‘You Can’t Stop’ Sam Champion

Rolling toward the release of Heavenly Bender (due via North Street Records on September 2nd), blog big guns Sam Champion have plenty to admire. Modestly pleasing the masses with “Be Mine Everyone” was a simple task, given the graceful grunge and pop pleasing melodies of the track. These guys bring raw, do-it-yourself garage rock to a new level, which can be seen especially in the video for “You Can’t Stop.”

Enter the concept of “simple,” where their basic performance clip plays host to a vast array of crazy nonsensical obstructions, including sparklers, silly string, poster tubes, goldfish, and cockroaches! Stereogum got a kick out of it, so why not give it a whirl? What’s more, the fellas recently impressed with shows at Popped in Philly, and at Celebrate Brooklyn with the Cold War Kids. Next up? An August 5th spot on the Rocks Off Boat Cruise with Apollo Sunshine and Drug Rug, aaaaanddd a pending U.S. tour in the fall. Grab some cruise tix before they run out here!

MP3: Sam Champion – Be Mine Everyone

Take A Crack At Lackthereof

Here he is again, for your listening pleasure. That’s right, Danny Seim, aka Lackthereof (or the phenomena from Menomena if you’re a Rind frequenter) brings his inner self to the table with Your Anchor, out on July 22nd on Barsuk-only days away!

The album is full of mellow, folky tunes like “Chest Pass” and “Fire Trial,” and yet still manages to make you want to play the tracks over and over again. With that indie-pop flavor that’s contagious, you’ll want to put this one on repeat. Did we mention that he’s already granted listening privileges to “Last November?” It’s a Rind HQ favorite, and is popular across many other planes too, might we add. He’s been among the favorites across the blog world ALL WEEK!

For those who thrive on the live show, you may just have to check Danny out playing with his band Menomena, since he’s only got one more show lined up under his other moniker on September 5th (at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR). But have no fear, the group to which Lackthereof is an integral part has a bunch of dates lined up, and know what that means? Well, if luck has anything to do with it, maybe a bonus performance?

MP3: Lackthereof – Last November

Hey, Handsome.

That Handsome Devil

Earlier this week at the E3 Media and Business Summit, Boston-based video game developer Harmonix Music Systems FINALLY announced the track listing for Rock Band 2, the next installment in a cultural juggernaut that has taken over millions of living rooms worldwide since being released in November 2007. The line-up, which had been the subject of weeks of seemingly outlandish speculation [a song from Chinese Democracy, yeaaaahhh riiiight] did not disappoint.

In addition to actually including a new Guns ‘n’ Roses song [so much for that free Dr. Pepper I guess], the game will include master recordings from at least one of everybody’s favorite bands: AC/DC! Bob Dylan! Cheap Trick! Dinosaur Jr! Elvis Costello! Foo Fighters! The Grateful Dead! Interpol! Joan Jett! Kansas! L7! Metallica! Nirvana! Pearl Jam! Rush! Sonic Youth! Testament! The Who! I mean Jesus they even got Bikini Kill!!

After the announcement was made, virtually every press outlet seemed to be gripped by paroxysms of breathless anticipation. called it “the most impressive and largest music catalogue of any music-based videogame ever.” Pitchfork exclaimed that the list of songs was “bonkers” [italics theirs]. In this era of jadedness, narrowness, and cynicism, here was something that everybody could get behind.

Now the people at Harmonix are a very musically savvy bunch. It seems as though every band in the Greater Boston area past and present counts at least one Harmonix employee as a band member, from Lightning Bolt to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. So it should come as no surprise that the music selection kicks some serious ass. However, we at Daily Rind HQ were particularly impressed with one of the selections for the game’s bonus disc, which highlights bands that aren’t nearly as famous but still deserve to be heard by the approximately 50 gazillion people that will be lining up to buy the game when it hits shelves in September.


The Frank Bango Bone Marrowthon / Stem Cellebration Benefit

Frank Bango is considered by many to be one of the best songwriters since the Brill Building; right up there with Carole and Gerry, Bernie and Elton…well, you get the idea. And on top of writing indie pop for others, he does a little of his own stuff too. It’s no wonder his friends and supporters are gathering to honor him and help raise money for his sickness.

Tickets went on sale yesterday, and are expected to sell out really soon. Why, you ask? Well…some pretty sweet troops are rallying around Frankie – friends like Nada Surf and Sam Champion, among others. The event, officially titled “The Frank Bango Bone Marrowthon / Stem Cellebration Benefit,” will be hosted at the Bowery Ballroom on August 26th, and is sure to impress.

Paypal will have a special donation site for the event if you can’t make it, and if you can, make sure to head out to the Ballroom in celebration and support of a good cause, and say hey to Rind faves while you’re there!