Au Revoir Simone To Play PS1 This Saturday, Cover David Bowie

The PS1/MoMA Warm Up series is celebrating ten years! Along with the McCarren Park Pool Parties, the Warm up series – gathering performers, bands and DJs in a Long Island City MoMA annex – is one of the best ways to enjoy music on a hot New York City summer weekend. PJ Harvey, the Scissor Sisters and Fisherspooner have been some of the headlining acts over the past few years.

This Saturday, Williamsburg favorites Au Revoir Simone will take the stage. The day will also include sets by Dorit Chrysler (New York), Danton Eeprom (London), and Egill Sæbjörnsson & Flis (Island).

All Warm Up events gather thousands of people every Saturday afternoon from July to September in the PS1 courtyard, an open air venue that was designed to host artistic performances.

PS1/MoMA Warm Up Series: $10 – THIS SATURDAY starting at 3pm

Au Revoir Simone will then embark for a mini European tour:
July 31 – Ravenna/Italy – Indie Rocket Festival
Aug 1 – Pescara/Italy – Indie Rocket Festival
Aug 3 – Paredes de Coura/Portugal – Paredes de Coura Festival
Aug 7 – Madrid/Spain – Moby Dick
Aug 9 – Barcelona/Spain – Sidecar

In other Au Revoir Simone news, the girls covered David Bowie’s “Oh! You Pretty Things” (off Hunky Dory), for the Life Beyond Mars – Bowie Covered record. You can purchase the song on iTunes by clicking here.

Pavement Punk and Asphalt Acoustic: Going to California!

CA holga shotI’m as much of a fan of public transportation as the next New Yorker, but I still miss driving. Hailing from Detroit, where cars are as much a part of your life as anything, I long to roll down my windows and crank up the stereo. Once again ready again to hit the road, I’m planning a drive from L.A. to San Francisco, and have begun making mixes for the journey. Here are some songs bound to sit shotgun on the drive:

Birds – Lymbyc System
A song as winding and airy as Highway

San Fernando Valley – Nancy Sinatra
Nancy’s fun take on Gordon Jenkin’s 1944 hit. And the Thelma to my Louise.

The New Rise of Labor – Norfolk & Western
A song about the West and borders drawn.

The Lone Surfer – The Deadly Ones
The only band ever known to make a Monster Party Surf Rock album! Check the cover art

Wanderin’ Kind – The Turtles
As a good of a song as any to inspire ramblin’.

LeSabre Radar – The Hentchmen
“The Hentch” talk shop while referencing our heroes of the 60s.

90s Nomad – Bratmobile
Not really a song about driving, but a band to surely help you speed.

405 (Acoustic) – Death Cab For Cutie
Death Cab for Cutie duh.

Draw A Map – Takka Takka
Not just another roadside attraction, Takka Takka are the real deal.

Since I’ve Been Waiting For You – MONO
Bound to inspire highway daydream

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Burning Up My Ears (And More Of The Internets)

For the past few weeks I’ve been operating under a self-imposed 1-album-listen-per-day restriction on Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson’s self-titled debut; otherwise, I would listen to nothing else. Just now, I was blaring it from my desk at Rind HQ and 3 people stopped to ask me who it was (all during track #1: Buriedfed).

As it turns out, we’re not the only ones listening. Pitchfork reviewed it and Paper Thin Walls is streaming the full album with an interview about each track. For instance, here’s a question about “Buriedfed”:

PTW: How would you like to die?
MBAR: Happy. I’d like to die happy.

I think I like this guy.

MP3: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Buriedfed

Hungry? How About a Sammies Sandwich?

It’s not quite a snickers bar, and you might have to wait a little longer, but hell, there’s no better sandwich than a Sammies sandwich. Or should we say, The SammiesSandwich, out September 23rd on MoRisen Records? Charlotte-based and full of haste, they’re already hearing from Pitchfork and Prefix!

Sandwich is the ultimate crank-it-up-and-rip-the-knob-off party anthem, with dustings of punktastic indie rock spinkled on top for zest. Having been recorded in Kernersville, NC and produced by Ben Holst (Drive-By Truckers), Billy Bennett (Drive-By Truckers, The Whigs) and The Sammies themselves, it’s got a tight, in your face attitude that will keep you coming back for more. Picture the Strokes if they started “whoo-ing,” clap your hands to the beat, and you’ll be in the right ballpark.

They’ll be touring into November in support of the album. Dates after the jump. Hope you’re hungry folks…


Dr. Dog Seal Their Fate To Keep Releasing Albums We Love

Dr. Dog
Fate / Park The Van / BUY

The latest from Philly rockers Dr. Dog follows in the footsteps of their incredibly wellreceived 2007 effort, We All Belong, bringing a heartfelt classic rock sound that begs to be listened to on cross-country road trips and warm summer nights. Fate, like the band’s previous efforts, was recorded in their own Philly studio without the help of a producer, yet has such a lush and textured sound that Dr. Dog’s comparisons to The Beach Boys and The Band just keep coming.

The album comes out a week from today on Park The Van and is sure to propel the Dog’s (summer of) love fest even further beyond Fate‘s early buzz on sites like Pitchfork, The Fader and Spin Magazine. The iTunes bonus version features two additional tracks and a brand new never-before-seen video for the song “From.”

Now Yahoo Music has tapped the group for their User’s Choice feature – a competition throwing four up and coming bands into the pit and giving fans the authority to decide which is crowned “Who’s Next” winner of the month. Click here to vote for the band, and while you’re at it tune your DVR to NBC for Thursday’s Conan O’ Brien appearance, just 5 days before the album hits stores!

Download standout track “The Ark” below and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

MP3: Dr. Dog – The Ark