eMusic Falls For Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti’s debut Seun Kuti & Fela’s Egypt 80 was reviewed last week on eMusic! Considering his family legacy (he is Fela’s youngest son, Femi’s half-brother), it’s easy to have great expectations for Seun’s first effort. Recorded with his father’s band, Egypt 80 (a group he’s been leading since Fela’s death in 1997), his eagerly awaited first effort was worth the wait: as eMusic writes, “this superb debut hints that things could get even better from here. ” Seun actually pushes forward Fela’s afro funk sound to create his own signature, the Afrobeat for our generation. Read the full eMusic review here!

Seun Kuti will be touring the US and throughout the world all summer. See all dates on his Myspace.

Doing More With Hess

“Denial is the New Confession” according to Mikkel Hess, Danish musician and director of the band Hess is More . Their new release, Denial (or is that “Confession”?), is their fifth with Copenhagen based label Music for Dreams and is out worldwide on June 23rd. With a style best described as “electronica fused with free style disco jazz”, Hess is More has achieved notable success, receiving Danish Grammy awards and nominations in such categories as — Best Electronica Act, Best Cross-Over Album, and New Jazz Name of the Year. In addition to all the award acclaim, their track “Ssshhhh” made tune of the week at major Denmark radio station P3, and has been in the top 10 for 2 weeks running on iTunes Denmark. Oh, and lest we forget, Denial received a whopping 5/6 stars in POLITIKEN (one of the most serious culture papers in Denmark).

Hess himself graduated from The Rhythmic Conservatory in the summer of 2002 with drums as his main instrument, studying with the legendary Ed Thigpen. He’s perhaps a little eccentric – at one of his radio events it was announced that they would be “working on covering the studio in a transparent plastic, which would help establish a healthy level of denial about the fact that the ceremony takes place in a studio environment.” Indeed, a ‘typical Hess day’ all round.

Tab The Band- The Throwback Jersey of Rock and Roll

In an age of throwback jerseys and old school references, Tab the Band knows how to represent. Perrys Tony and Adrian get their style from daddy Joe–a little known fella from this band called Aerosmith. Maybe you’ve heard of them? When mixed with drummer Ben Tileston’s back to basic beats, out comes a sound so gritty there is no other way to describe it other than the epitome of classic rock and roll.

They’ve only been together since early 2007, but that seems to be an obstacle they’ve easily overcome; Tab the Band’s music has already been featured on CSI NY and The Riches, and they earned a warm welcome from Rolling Stone. Their new single “Where She Was On Monday” is set to drop on July 1st, with a full-length album right on its coattails in the fall. Its been a long time since the days of the Stones, Deep Purple, and Aerosmith, but worry no more. These guys are reinventing what it means to rock, and are doing it with their own style. Check out the new single and keep your eyes open for more to come!

88 Keys Gives Away New Mixtape in Anticipation of Death of Adam

It’s no secret that Harlem based rapper 88 Keys has been holed up in the studio with Kanye West cooking up his new album, Death of Adam, for Decon Records. But that’s not all he’s been cooking up. It just so happened that Keys’ creative streak yielded enough material for two albums – which is why he’s offering up a new 12 track mixtape for free download. Dubbed Adam’s Casefiles, the mixtape is a “pre-curser to Death of Adam.” Download it here while you can, and don’t forget to cop your tix to the Fresh Rhymes and Videotapes tour where Keys will take the stage with Dilated Peoples, and fellow Decon artists Alchemist and Aceyalone. Tracklist after the jump.