Dr. Dog Tempt Fate with New Single, Video

Dr. Dog’s newest album, Fate, is rapidly approaching, and the band is unleashing a wealth of material in anticipation. First there’s the first official single, “The Ark,” a song chock-full of Biblical references and existential meaning that the band slipped out digitally last Tuesday, followed by a Stereogum premier that also included a multi-camera peek into the dog-house with “Hang On.”

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the Philly-based band, who’ve already booked the next four months with premiers and performances. They’ll be landing in New York later this month for an appearance on everyone’s-favorite-late-night-television-show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Thursday, July 17th followed by stops at New York’s Bowery Ballroom on the 23rd and the Music Hall of Williamsburg on the 24th. And they’ll be swinging back through their hometown on August 13th for a free show at Philly’s Rittenhouse Square.

The July 22nd release of Fate holds extra promise for iTunes users, who will receive two bonus tracks and a second never-before-seen, in-studio video with purchase of the album. And while it seems like the band couldn’t be any busier, there is sure to be more on the horizon. Until then, fans will have to tune in to words of wisdom from the group and “Hang On.”

MP3: Dr. Dog – “The Ark”

MP3: Dr. Dog – “The Old Days”

‘Migration’ To A Better Place

What’s that? A five-piecer from three different boroughs (Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, to be exact) dropping onto SPIN.com like a bird’s business, that’s what. Indeed, experimental popists Takka Takka premiered a brand new track, “Everybody Say,” yesterday! Big news from a band with big potential, folks!

Slated for release on July 29th via Ernest Jenning, these guys mean business on Migration. They’ve enlisted the help of National drummer Bryan Devendorf for the track, and have a slew of NYC dates coming up, including Union Hall on July 3rd, and a few “Takka Tuesday” dates at Pianos on the 15th, 22nd, and 29th. Mixing euphoric synths and grungy palm muted guitars certainly does impress in the case of this track, and Takka-times-two channels that into the rest of the album as well.

Check out the mp3 below, and set your watches guys, cuz Migration creeps closer with each tick-takka.

MP3: Takka Takka – Everybody Say

That Which We Call ‘Black Rose’ Sounds So Sweet

Hil St. Soul
Black Rose / Shanachie / BUY

Soul music has this unparalleled and introspective nature to it–something that just makes it so smooth and beautiful you have to move your body. Hil St. Soul‘s new album, Black Rose , out last Tuesday on Shanachie, is no exception to this baby-making genre by any means. Even the queen herself would approve.

Black Rose takes soul, funk, R&B, and even hip hop into a new realm of modernity, specifically on “Wash Away,” where Hilary Lusaka’s gorgeous voice floats over a hook you just can’t get outta your head. She offers further advice on “Life,” and title track “Black Rose,” both uplifting and positive with a beat that makes you feel schooled better than Lauren Hill in the art of soul.

Snag a copy of the new record in stores and see for yourself how sweet it really is. Beware when you check out the mp3 below, we promise you’ll be hooked!

MP3: Hil St. Soul – Sweetest Days

N* Grandjean Carrying Stars On Debut

I’m always tentative when listening to a new artist, but my fears were abated as soon as the first few bars of “Heroes & Saints” began, because I just knew it was going to work. Like all the tracks on Grandjean‘s debut Carrying Stars, the music is deep, the lyrics clever, and the songs polished to a mirror shine with some of the best mixes I’ve heard in recent years. Excluding minor contributions from his friends Mikkel Lomborg & cellist Brit Bird, Grandjean plays all the instruments himself which simply shows he is a multi talented musician to boot.

Grandjean has already earned his reputation as an experienced man on the live scene, previously one of two singers in his former band Luke and collaborating with top producer and DJ Kenneth Badger on the internationally acclaimed album Fragments from a Space Cadet . Grandjean’s work has also received quite a lot of radio attention, frequently appearing on the playlists of P3, Denmark’s best known station. I don’t recommened stuff by principle…but check this out.

Re-Joyce for Diversity

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere, and in the case of Brit producer James Nichols, that “anywhere” happened to be a bookstore. Chamber Music is a collection of poems by Irish poet James Joyce, inspiring to the point of a media-crossing piece of work in Nichols’ eyes. He has put all 36 verses of Joyce’s work to music, in one handy-dandy compilation!

The album bears the same name as the book, and, naturally, there are a matching number of artists to “cover” those 36 verses, including Mercury Rev, Mike Watt, Virgin Passages, Flying Saucer Attack, and Sweet Trip, to name a few. The knockout punch comes from Peter Buck of R.E.M. and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, who add their expertise to the album, which definitely delivers in that vintage, 1907 Irish kind of way. Just ask Wired or NPR what they think about it, they’ll tell you.

Following in Joyce’s own wishes–he actually believed his poems were better suited for music–Nichols grants a gift that no other has attempted in full. Listen for a fusion of modern music and “songwriter” (never expected that title, did he?) Joyce’s lyrics and feel the steam it produces! Electronica versus folk versus pop/rock and whatever else you can imagine allows for a diversion from the norm that only a collision of literature and music can produce.

MP3: Virgin Passages – vi