Out Today by The Orchard: Dr. Dog, Hawthorne Heights & More

Hawthorne Heights, Dr. Dog, AnthraxThe last Friday of April is one of the best as we approach the start of summer with blooming buds and rising temperatures. The sound of music is in the air as we begin to spend our days at outdoor festivals, beaches and parks. Before you order your iced lattes and start making plans for the upcoming season, we have three releases that will kick off your weekend on a high note. Take a listen to Dr. Dog’s psychedelic tunes, Hawthorne Heights’s long awaited new release and Anthrax’s live concert DVD, all out today!


Welcome, Caleb!

Introducing, Caleb Ward, Film Acquisitions Coordinator

My name is Caleb Ward and I am starting as a new Film Acquisitions Coordinator here at The Orchard. I began my career in the film industry when I was 15 years old, working on hunting shows for a television production company in southeastern North Carolina.

After getting degrees in Film and Creative Writing at UNC Wilmington, I worked for several non-profits and traveled the country as a film festival gypsy. I started the Late Night program at SeriesFest and grew up surfing on the East Coast.


Breaking Down… Performance Rights

Performance Rights is one of the most consistently growing revenue streams in recorded music, and has proved to be a reliable source of income for labels (and artists) in an ever-changing digital landscape. What comes with this reliability is a healthy dose of confusion amongst music professionals from all walks of the business. “Someone has explained how this works to me a 1,000 times, and I still don’t get it” is a common phrase heard by rights management teams everywhere and if you’ve caught yourself saying (or thinking) this too, trust us, you’re not alone! To help you stay on top of the latest terms and buzzwords in the world of neighboring rights, we here at the Orchard suggest you breeze through this throwback blog as a start.


Record Store Day: The Best Day…EVER

In an industry that is constantly evolving, Record Store Day provides an experience that music fans of old, new and in-between can all enjoy. Whether you miss the days of vinyl, indie record stores and the authentic sound of a turntable or you crave live shows and exclusive fan experiences, Record Store Day is a holiday that unifies music lovers.

With over 40 titles this year, it was one of the most groundbreaking Record Store Days The Orchard has seen. Many stores reported their biggest sales day ever (some in four decades). With lines starting in the late hours of April 20th or with the sunrise on the 21st, stores were packed all day long. Take a look at some of our partners who documented the beautiful ruckus at Landlocked, Vintage Vinyl St Louis, Twist & Shout, Seasick Records and Looney Tunes.


Out Today by The Orchard: Todd Rundgren’s Utopia, Nas & More

The excitement of Record Store Day is taking over our office and before all the vinyl enthusiasts run out to build camps outside of record stores, we have a few releases to warm you up for tomorrow’s indie store hopping marathon! From the retrospective box set of British progressive rock legends Todd Rundgren’s Utopia to Nas’s symphonic rendition of Illmatic, join us in appreciating the culture of independently owned record stores with records all out today!