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Adrianne Haslet Captivates In New Music Video From PBSM

PBSM Music VideosDanish alt-rock duo PBSM recently dropped their title track “Dance Flooroff their new EP via Møs MøsThe single’s accompanying music video features  skillful ballroom dancer, Adrianne Haslet. In addition to being a beautifully gifted dancer, Adrianne has an inspiring message.

After waking up on the morning of April 15, 2013, Adrianne had a cup of coffee with her husband who had just returned from Afghanistan and watched the first runners of the Boston Marathon cross the finish line on their television. Later that day, they decided to go and see the race for themselves. They were walking hand in hand down the street by the finish line when a bomb exploded, causing Adrianne to lose her left leg from the knee down. She was rushed to the hospital where she underwent several surgeries and was told that her chances of ever dancing again were one in a million. A statistic to which she responded, “Well then I’m going to be that one!”

And she was right. In 2015, Adrianne danced the foxtrot on the Boston Marathon finish line, in 2016 she crossed that finish line as a runner, and in 2017 she appears in PBSM’s music video for their new single “Dance Floor.”  In the video, Adrianne shows off her talent, but doesn’t shy away from the difficult (but necessary) parts of healing. When sharing her story, Adrianne is very open about her struggles with the anger and depression that come along with the grieving process, along with her constant strive for progress. These themes come across clearly and poetically in the video as we see Adrianne’s low points intersperse her beautiful, graceful movements.

Check out the video to see Adrianne’s powerful performance, below.

Image courtesy of YouTube

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