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Pride 2023: The Icons That Empower Us

Pride 2023: The Icons That Empower Us

June is Pride Month in the US and Canada, a time to celebrate queerness and express pride in your identity. We’re highlighting the icons that help our staff feel empowered, confident, or safe in their queer identity. These icons may be someone in their personal life or celebrities that were the representation they needed. 

Meredith Nadeau (Director, Brand Marketing & Communications) 

Mike Heyliger

“A few years ago I was out in a very limited capacity, but not super vocal in the workplace. As someone who identifies as bisexual, I never felt “gay enough” to take up space in the conversation. It wasn’t until I had a few conversations with queer coworkers, and my friend Mike called out bi-erasure on his socials, that I felt I should stop erasing myself. Mike’s been a huge advocate for mental health as well as Black, and LGBTQIA+ employees and is an amazing example for what I hope to bring to all aspects of my life — welcoming, comforting, and supportive while always remaining true to himself.” 

Jorge Gonzalez (Coordinator, Digital Marketing)


“For those of us who not only identify as queer but also don’t seem to fit in with the stereotypes or expectations within our own community, Arca is an icon for the “weirdos” or those with alternative tastes in the community. She embodies the spirit of experimentalism and self-expression through a unique point of view and offering to the world.” 

Rrita Hashani (Product Manager, Artist Services)

Ari Fouriezos

“I met Ari through the LGBTQIA+ music industry organization Queer Capita. Joining Queer Capita during the tail-end of the pandemic and my first few days in NYC saved me! I was able to connect with Ari and likewise peers who have helped open doors within the industry and within myself.”

Hayley Derbyshire (Senior Coordinator, International Label Management)


“In addition to being a major fan of their music, I admire how fiercely the members of MUNA advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, and how they create space for conversation with fellow queer people on their podcast “Gayotic.” Not to mention, seeing a band comprised of wildly talented women and nonbinary people perform “Silk Chiffon”– a song about the joy of being queer and loving women– for a crowd filled with other queer people, will always inspire such a beautiful feeling of community.”

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