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Rising Women in Pop

Rising Women in Pop

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting The Orchard’s distributed rising women in Pop. From Dreamy Pop, Hyperpop, Bedroom Indie-Pop, Pop/R&B, and more! We’re bringing you a roundup of the latest releases and news for these artists.

Deb Never (First Access Entertainment Limited)

Deb Never draws inspiration from 90’s artists and her roots in the Pacific Northwest. Relocating to Los Angeles allowed her to dive deep into her dreamy sound. She released her first EP House on Wheels in 2019 and her debut album Where Have All the Flowers Gone? in 2021. She has toured with Dominic Fike, BROCKHAMPTON, Tommy Genesis, Omar Apollo, and was set to support The 1975 and Mura Masa before COVID-19 canceled those shows. She’s collaborated with Slowthai, Biig Piig, AUDREY NUNA, and more!

In 2023, Deb Never released her single “Momentary Sweetheart,” which captures the feelings of temporary love. This spring she’s been supporting Keshi on tour, as well as going on a solo tour to LA, NYC, London, and Brighton ahead of the release of her new EP.

morgen (SIN)

18-year-old Pop artist morgen recently released her EP Bravado. She states, “I’ve just been that person my whole life always choosing music over everything I do.” morgen is influenced by the likes of artists like Led Zeppelin, Billie Holiday, Carole King, and Amy Winehouse. She demonstrates an array of themes including that of coming of age while maintaining a nostalgic edge to her music and visuals.

SIMONA (Yuukii Records SL)

From Spain, SIMONA creates a sound that enmeshes Techno, Hyperpop, and Dance. Since the start of her career, it’s ever-present that Spanish culture and femininity are ongoing themes in her artistry. With a mix of soft and punchy vocals, SIMONA creates a sound that is thrilling, energetic, and full of life.

Flowerovlove (First Access Entertainment Limited)

Coined as one of the VEVO DSCVR artists to watch in 2023 is 17-year-old artist Joyce Cisse, aka Flowerovlove. The south Londoner released her debut EP, Think Flower, in 2021 and her second EP, A Mosh Pit In The Clouds, November 2022. Her music fits into the Bedroom Indie-Pop scene where each song carries the listener into a new adventure. 

She sold out her first headline show in April 2022 and she’s inspired by artists like Tame Impala. Her song “Love You” embraces themes of self-love and growth.


Amilli is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Bochum, Germany. Her works are influenced by Pop, R&B, and Hyperpop sounds. The music videos for her latest releases “Stuck in My Head” and “Suitable” have gravitating visuals that give us a peek of the vibrant journey the young artist is on. She recently mentioned via Instagram that her first album will be released May 12th.

Abby Simone (threesixzero)

Ready to share her art with the world, enters Abby Simone. The artist grew up in Singapore and now resides in Europe where she has begun to explore a new stage of self-acceptance and tapped into new melodies. Her latest singles “Same Sunrise,” “Walking Away,” and “For Once” tell the stories of unrequited love.

Mychelle (FAMM)

From the UK, Mychelle tells us her stories of sorrows, joys, hopes, and life. There’s that certainty that she grounds those around her with honesty and realness. Be sure to check out her new EP IT’S not YOU, it’s me, out now!

Katha Pauer (Membran Digital)

German artist Katha Pauer carries power in her name (literally, ‘Pauer’ translates to ‘Power’). She talks about her relationship with fear and insecurity with catchy melodies and fun visuals. Her inspiration to begin songwriting in German stemmed from an ex-long-distance relationship with an English-speaking partner and she didn’t want them to understand her. Now she writes punchy songs and this is only the beginning!

Tamara (Vuf Empire)

Tamara is an artist from The Faroe Islands who’s been writing songs since she was young. She combines R&B and Pop sounds to highlight her upbringing and tell the stories of how she felt like an outsider due to her appearance and how she frees herself by living her own truth finding her own joy in self-acceptance.

Venus Anon (In This Dunya)

Based in Stockholm and of Iranian descent, Venus Anon brings forth a mix of contemporary R&B, Pop, and Modern Indie music. Her new mixtape Nocturnal, produced by herself and close friends, is her latest release, which includes tracks titled “Window” and “Better Place” ft. alma.

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