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Sounds For Spooky Season!

Sounds For Spooky Season!

It’s the spookiest time of the year! For your listening and viewing pleasure, we’ve assembled eight frightfully fun songs and music videos to get you in the mood. Slip into your Halloween costume, turn the lights down low, break out the candy, and prepare for a scare.

Me and That Man feat. Myrkur – “Angel of Light” (Napalm Records)

Danish singer and multi-instrumentalist Amalie Bruun certainly has an angelic voice, but as Myrkur, she takes things in a decidedly more infernal direction. Featured here on a track from Me And That Man’s upcoming album “New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 2” (out November 19), a classic folk-rock track becomes a literal hymn to Lucifer. This should be no surprise, considering that Me And That Man is the solo project of Adam “Nergal” Darski, of Polish metal heavyweights Behemoth.

GOST – “Bound By The Horror” (Century Media)

On his latest full-length, “Rites of Love and Reverence,” enigmatic synthwave producer GosT (aka James Lollar) stepped to the forefront, delivering a concept album around themes of witchcraft and the persecution of women. Single “Bound By The Horror” freely mixes GosT’s tendencies toward both dark synthpop with industrial noise; the grimy VHS-styled music video sees two witches picking Lollar up on a hitchhiking trip from hell.

King Woman – “Psychic Wound” (Relapse Records)

King Woman’s Kristina Esfandiari described the band’s 2021 album “Celestial Blues” as being inspired by a childhood near-death experience. Single “Psychic Wound” continues the group’s explorations in blending doom metal with other genres, and features Esfandiari vamping in an appropriately blood-soaked music video.

Sunmi – “You Can’t Sit With Us”(Abyss Company)

Sunmi’s ‘80s-influenced K-pop confection “You Can’t Sit With Us” takes a sneering kiss-off to a fickle lover, and turns it into the perfect Halloween treat. In the retro-horror-themed video, Sunmi fights off hordes of zombies led by an undead ex, while trapped inside an all-night video store called (what else?) “From Dusk Till Dawn.”

Blood Cultures – “Keeps Bringing Me Back” (Pack Records)

A band that appears publicly wearing hooded masks – what could be more appropriate for Halloween? With its dark electronic sound and a music video referencing psychedelic horror films like Beyond The Black Rainbow, “Keeps Bringing Me Back,” the lead single from Blood Cultures’ 2021 album “LUNO,” is perfect to set the vibe for dancing or an all-night movie marathon.

Paris Texas“Heavy Metal” (Paris Texas)

The debut single from LA-based duo Paris Texas sounds something like the theme from a lost no-budget slasher film, with its repetitive, crunchy, distorted beat. The music video makes good on that promise, depicting the band facing a grim home invasion by menacing, masked figures – who turn out to be themselves.

Toya Delazy – “Resurrection” (Afrorave)

On her single “Resurrection,” Toya Delazy brings the throbbing bass and dark rave vibes you need for your Halloween basement dance party. The accompanying video is perfect for the season as well, featuring the South African-born, London-based artist literally raising the dead – as well as some great inspiration for some truly creepy DIY costumes, if you still haven’t settled on what to wear.

The Wiggles – “Halloween Party”(ABC Music)

It doesn’t get any more literal than this! The only kid-friendly track on our playlist is brought to you by Australian children’s music legends The Wiggles. But don’t fret – if you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack for a not-so-scary Halloween party for the little ones, The Wiggles dropped an entire album of “spooktacular” songs and videos, also titled “Halloween Party,” on October 8.

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