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SXSW Opens Community Voting For 2021, Check Out The Orchard’s Panels!

SXSW Opens Community Voting For 2021, Check Out The Orchard’s Panels!

It’s that time of year again to cast your vote for the panels you want to see this upcoming March. While there’s a chance that SXSW may look different this year, given social distancing measures due to COVID-19, the music industry (let alone industries across every sector) definitely has a lot to talk about – virtual or IRL. Storytellers, creatives, music lovers, educators, artists, executives and more, your vote does count! 

How Do I Vote?

To participate in the voting process from November 10-20, visit and sign in or create an account. Once you are signed in, filter proposals by conference (SXSW or SXSW EDU), title, description, tags, and speakers in the search field. Each voter can only vote once per proposal. Choose “Vote Up” for Yes or “Vote Down” for no. Need further clarification on the panel? You can post your questions or leave comments on the proposals you want to vote on. 

So the next question is…

What does The Orchard have in store for this upcoming SXSW edition? 

Check out the panels we’re proposing. We hope you’ll tap that up arrow ⬆️ for these conversations. 

Creating Organic Buzz In A Socially Distant World

In a time of COVID-19, artists have had to adapt to creating buzz and fan engagement from the road to at home. While artists have faced a number of challenges, this time has presented new ways to connect with fans authentically. Speakers will discuss concrete ways artists can organically tell their stories and grow their audiences in a socially distant setting. They’ll walk through recent innovations and findings in technology and digital marketing to take music releases to a new level. 


  • Jennifer Schwartz (The Orchard)
  • Francesca Caldara (UNIFIED)
  • Mike Baldo (Wayward Creative)

Start buzzing and vote here!

The Social Media Effect

A discussion on the ever changing landscape of social media and how it affects our discovery and consumption of music.


  • Ryan Whitman, Associate Director, Digital Marketing (The Orchard)
  • Joanna Noyes, VP of Marketing (The Orchard)
  • Stephanie Levya  (Thematic)
  • Blu DeTiger (Artist)

Get the full effect and vote here! 

Social Change to My Ears: Music for Impact

This panel will analyze what happens when musicians take more of a stance on social issues and create real social impact. It will also look at how brands, nonprofits & marketers work together with artists, labels & reps to generate meaningful & lasting change.


  • Lina Renzina, Talent Partnerships (The Ad Council)
  • Hayley Kiyoko, Musician 
  • Monica P. Robles, Advertising Account Director (Pandora Media)
  • John Dabrowski, Brand Partnerships (The Orchard)

Make your impact by voting here!

No matter what 2021 holds, we’re looking forward to insightful conversations with our colleagues at SXSW.

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