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5 Artists You Should Know: Philippines

The Philippines boasts a vibrant and diverse musical heritage that reflects the country's rich cultural tapestry. Influenced by a blend of indigenous, Spanish, American, and Asian traditions, Filipino music spans a wide spectrum of genres and styles. Tradi...


Not 97 Season 9 Debuts #2 On Apple Podcast Music Charts

Get ready for more music discovery, because Not 97 Season 9 is here. Last year, The Orchard and Human Re Sources announced our partnership with "The Only Music Discover Podcast." Not 97 is a home for music discovery, surfacing emerging artists from all ove...


Ten Minutes With Gold Fever Records

Started by three childhood friends, Gold Fever Records has garnered a ton of success! Known for writing and producing pop hits, Gold Fever has worked with major artists such as Lady Gaga and Enrique Iglesias. Now kicking off the new year, Gold Fever will b...


YOASOBI がBillboard Japan 年間チャート1位を獲得

「小説から音楽」を生み出すユニットYOASOBIの「夜に駆ける」がCDリリースなしで Billboard Japan Hot 100 の 2020年年間チャート1位を獲得した。日本でCD盤をリリースしていない楽曲が1位になったのは今回が初となる。日本の音楽業界ではまだCD製品が圧倒的に多いなか、YOASOBIの偉業は日本の音楽業界、そしてグローバルなビジネス全体にとっても大きな評価と勝利となった。 「夜に駆ける」は今年の初め、Spotify Viral Top 50で1位となり、香港と台湾のグローバル...


YOASOBI Scores No.1 on Billboard Japan Year-End Charts

It was announced that producer duo YOASOBI, a band that creates “music from novels,” has topped Billboard Japan Year-End Charts with a song that has yet to be released on a CD. The chart-topping hit “Yoru Ni Kakeru” is No.1 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 o...


Out Today by The Orchard: Delaporte, Mario, Arcángel

From early favorites to rising artists, this week’s Out Today features music from artists both old and new. Check out what new music is out now from Spanish duo Delaporte, R&B favorite Mario, and Reggaeton star Arcángel.  Delaporte - Las Montañ...