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Ten Minutes With Gold Fever Records

Ten Minutes With Gold Fever Records

Started by three childhood friends, Gold Fever Records has garnered a ton of success! Known for writing and producing pop hits, Gold Fever has worked with major artists such as Lady Gaga and Enrique Iglesias. Now kicking off the new year, Gold Fever will be featured in EA Sports’ FIFA 21, one of the biggest games from the company. Take a look as we take a deeper dive into the Team behind Gold Fever Records and learn about how they’ve risen to be one of the premier producing, composing and songwriting labels.

How excited are you that the single The N3w N3w & SYDNY – She di king’s “Rumours has it” will be featured in EA Sports’ FIFA 21 video game? How did that come about?
We are super stoked! It’s actually the official Campaign song for FIFA 21, which feels like a huge honour since we all are big FIFA fans, so definitely bucket list! We have a good relationship with EA Sports, and they are fans of our music, She di king was on their table for almost a year until this landed.

How did Gold Fever Records get its start? How was the feeling of signing your first artist?
We are all childhood friends as well as producers, composers and songwriters, and after having had a lot of success individually, and together we felt that it was time to build something of our own and expand our vision. We are very humbled and honoured that our artists trust us with their art.

Gold Fever has worked with some incredible artists such as Lady Gaga and Enrique Iglesias. Who would you want to work with next?
We are always on the lookout for new talent, it’s what excites us the most, but safe to say that Foo Fighters, Rihanna and Jay-Z are on the wish list!

Gold Fever is known for producing and writing big pop hits – what goes into writing a song? How are you inspired to write?
We usually start with the music. Beat and chords, then we structure the melody and last lyrics. It all depends on what type of song we are writing, but we are always chasing a specific feeling. It has to make you feel a certain way. We much rather have someone hate it or love it then just say “That was ok.” We draw inspiration from various things, movies, social media, real life but a lot also comes from memories and previous experiences. We have been doing this for so long so we can usually just “turn on” the creativity knob and usually something decent shows up! 

How does writing for TV and film differ from music? What are some shows that have featured your work?
The saying says the “Picture is King.” When writing specifically for the picture, you always have to respect and accompany what’s on the screen. When it comes to sync-music – it’s usually songs that either rhythmically or tonally works well to create a good paste in the video cut or help a story to be told. Lyrics are obviously important as well. We’ve written music for Crusader Kings 3 (Video Game), trailer music for EA Sport and Paradox Interactive as well as brands such as Honda, Idol, Dancing with the Stars, TLC, Discovery Channel, Amazon Prime have used our music.

What future releases are you the most excited about?
We have an upcoming release with Cody Simpson that we feel strongly about, as well as new music from indie band Forgét Mej who is just now being featured on Apple Music’s biggest Acoustic Chill playlist with the song “I’ll Be with You.”

Gold Fever Records has “more than 1 billion Spotify streams and 1.5 billion YouTube streams,” from previous releases. How do you plan to grow that? Where do you see Gold Fever Records in the next 5 years?
We try to work with quality over quantity but we are constantly expanding our rooster and our projects. We try to build a solid foundation in various genres. We don’t want too much internal competition so a couple of acts per genre is enough. We are focusing on SYNC and high profile collaborations/features.

Five years from now Gold Fever Records will still be one of the largest growing and streaming independent boutique labels out there and we are still wearing our baseball caps front to back.

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