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Finally Reunited: Aim & QNC Kick Bad Habits and Make Good Tunes

Andy Turner a.k.a. Aim released his acclaimed debut album Cold Water Music back in 1999 on Rae & Christian’s then burgeoning Grand Central Records. On that debut, Aim enlisted the vocal talents of NYC’s Q-Ball & Curt Cazal, a.k.a. QNC, for a track called “The Force“. Now, sixteen years and four artist albums later, they return for a full collaborative… Read more »

Connect with Radio Stations via iPluggers

Radio airplay is important when it comes to getting new fans and increasing sales. But hiring a traditional radio promotor can be expensive and covering several territories requires an even heavier investment. So how would you go about promoting your music around the world, without eating away at your entire promotional budget? iPluggers.

Ask You Anything? Planning Reddit AMAs

How important are Reddit AMAs? Considering that Barack Obama took the time to answer some questions last year, I’d say they can be pretty influential. You don’t have to be president to host an AMA, though. Filmmakers, musicians, writers, actors, developers, entrepreneurs, and basically anyone with an interesting story to tell can host an AMA. Don’t… Read more »

Get The Full Effect of Reggie’s New Album

Apparently James Dewees (Get Up Kids keyboardist, collaborator with New Found Glory and My Chemical Romance, among others, and the man behind Reggie and the Full Effect) rarely gives interviews so we were pleased as punch that he agreed to answer questions about Kickstarter, hidden CD trays and the new Reggie and the Full Effect… Read more »

Karmaloop Goes One-On-One with One Records’ Own Fashawn

Our friends at Karmaloop sat down with One Records artist Fashawn to discuss his recent XXL Magazine cover, which spotlights the Boy Meets World emcee as one of hip-hop’s most exciting up and coming artists.  When speaking about his inclusion in XXL’s coveted “Freshman Top 10” feature, Fashawn tells Karmaloop, “It was dope to be… Read more »