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African Music Business On The Move

The African continent represents a massive potential market for music consumption in the streaming era. The sheer volume of smartphone users on the continent could equate to a great additional source of audio streams — outdoing some current usage figures worldwide.

Label Spotlight: Next Music

This month for our Label Spotlight, we connected with Charles Kuhn, Founder and CEO of Next Music in South Africa. For the past seven years, Next has been building its business as a music and entertainment company that helps develop local artists and distributes leading international labels in South Africa. Artists under its roster include… Read more »

Turn An Ear (Or Two) to South Africa

One of our labels, Next Music in South Africa, has released a trio of albums in the last month that are definitely worth mentioning as these red hot releases, ranging from Hip Hop, Gospel and Electronic/Alternative, bring us proof that the South African music scene has continued to flourish in the last few years. These three albums from… Read more »

This LARK is Not A Bird, But A Band… A Cool Ambient Electronic Band from South Africa

Some critics have described LARK‘s music as a powerful union of live instrumentation, soaring vocals and dirty electronic beats. Lead singer Inge Beckmann has an unparalleled ability to stun audiences with her voice and her presence. Their unique production and sound design is the work of producer and instrumentalist Paul Rez. Together, Paul and Inge formed… Read more »