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Ten Minutes With Ede

Ten Minutes With Ede

Ede is a 22-year-old artist from Madrid who, despite taking her first steps as a composer and interpreter of songs, has spent her entire life training in various fields of the performing arts. She graduated in Interpretation from the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Madrid in 2019 and has also trained in music and dance. A couple of years ago she began to upload some of her songs to YouTube, and since then she has played in numerous venues in Madrid and participated in festivals such as “Piano Day” o “Poesía “or “Barbarie”.

She has collaborated with artists such as Club Del Río, and supported groups such as Valira andTu otra bonita at Joy Eslava venue in Madrid. Recently she joined the band of the artist Xoel López, with whom she also released the single “Alma de Oro” last February. Additionally, Ede is active in the emerging songwriter music scene in Madrid, leading open mic sessions like Casa Corona in the summer season, and occasionally coordinating the open mic at Sala Búho Real.

As an actress, she has made an appearance across video clips of artists such as Rels B, Miss Caffeína or Dan Millson, and in alternative theater plays such as #noLUGAR, directed by Tomás Cabané, awarded at the MUTIS festival in Barcelona, ​​and in the director’s short film “Mare” Galician Guillermo Vázquez, which was screened at the Malaga Film Festival as well as other European festivals.

The Orchard spoke with Ede about what makes her music different, her collaboration with icon Xoel López, and her favorite city to perform in. 

When did you first get involved with music? 

Actually, I don’t really remember the first time I got started in music. Music has always been part of my life and my personality, it’s my favorite way to communicate and to express myself and how I feel. In some ways, it makes me understand the world. At the same time it makes it magical, and it has been like that as far as I can remember. I started singing and dancing when I was a little girl. However, it was like four years ago when it started to become my full time job.

What makes your music different?

I think in some way each artist is different from the other.Every artist is the result of a lot of different inspirations, such as other artists, her own or his own personality, the things he or she has lived. The way I express my music has a little piece of every music that has passed through my ears and mind and soul, but what I really try to do when I make music is to be honest with the things I want to express and the way I want to do it.

There’s a lot of women making music in Spain. Do you think this will be a landmark in Spanish music scene?

I honestly think it will.I am surrounded by amazing artists such as Ainoa Buitrago, Yoly Saa, Eva McBel, María de la Flor, Alice Wonder, Kora, María Yfeu… and the list goes on and on. I am really proud of my generation, and I think these women will get people talking.

You just released “Quemas” with Indie pop icon Xoel López. What led you to this collaboration?

I have been part of Xoel’s band for two years now, so we work together and we’re always sharing music. He showed “Quemas” to me a year ago or so when we were playing in Castellón, and I completely fell in love with it. We started playing it at his concerts and finally we got to record it. I admire Xoel as an artist so much and to be releasing one of my favorite songs with him makes me really happy

Ten Minutes With Ede

What about “Quemas” are you most proud of?

I really think the video is amazing. Everyone on the team involved with the project did an incredible job. But the voice in this song, the melody it draws, the way I get to feel it and sing it, and the way Xoel plays the guitar, creating this beautiful communication between my voice and his instrument, is very special to me.

How did you approach this version differently than the original one?

It actually came up in a really natural way. The first time we did it together we focused on the honesty, the purity and the beauty of the song itself, just using the basic components, and it’s pretty much what we recorded at the end.

Are you planning to release music of your own in the future? 

Of course! In fact, I am working now on an album, still preparing it but so excited to record it and show it to the world. I’m putting a lot of myself in this album, and I’m not in a hurry because I want it to be special.

What did you enjoy more: recording together or touring together?

Recording is always great but touring is a lot of fun. The gigs, the cities, the backstage, the band… I really enjoy it!

Are you doing something different while you cannot tour due to COVID-19?

I’m trying to focus on my creativity as well as producing and writing. I’m taking this time to strengthen these skills and create ideas for when things are possible again.  better and spawn ideas for when we get to make them possible.

Do you think live music will become stronger after the pandemic? 

I hope people are now more aware of the importance and value of live music, theatre, cinema… and that will be reflected when we can perform.

Which is your favorite city and place to perform in Spain and why?

I really love my hometown Madrid, but I must admit I have a soft spot for Galicia. The people, the food, the setting… there’s nothing I don’t like about Galicia.

Be sure to listen to Ede’s new collaboration with Xoel López “Quemas” here and follow Ede on Instagram.

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