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Ten Minutes With Kamè Entertainment

Ten Minutes With Kamè  Entertainment

Kamè Entertainment is Germany’s premiere management, publishing and consulting company. Based in Hamburg, Germany, Kamè is known for giving their artists the boost and transparency  to excel in all aspects of their career. Artists on their roster include Y’akoto, Joey Bargeld, Sukie, Graziella Schazad, Polina Vita, Ann Shirley and many more. In addition to their roster, Kamè Entertainment frequently dabbles in the sync world, and has placed some of the biggest international songs to date. The Orchard spoke to owner Christian Kamè Wanga to learn what the label has to offer. Take a look below!

Can you tell readers the story of how Kamè Entertainment started? What is the overall mission of the company?

In the beginning, I did almost only artist and TV presenter management. All the artists I managed were always under contract with majors (Sony, Warner, Four Music, Universal) and the presenters had fixed TV shows on MTV, VOX. In addition, I worked for several majors in the area of scouting ,conception & production of Promo Tools, and A & R Consulting. Very early on I started working with BMG as an editor in the publishing business. But after more than 20 years of working with signed major artists, or being commissioned to work for the majors, I decided to start my own label. The motivation, and conviction then and now are clear: I want to support the independent and progressive artistic spirit with community ties. This is also the motto of Kamè!

We are creative souls with commitment to urban and pop culture. In progressive minds we trust.

Kamè Entertainment offers managing, publishing and consulting services. How do these tools help empower artists?

We have become real specialists, professional junkies due to our long experience in the business. We are convinced that the smart combination of these areas is one of the most important keys to success. This interconnection enables us to offer our artists the complete package. Each area is examined, and we take this time carefully, because we consider artist development to be a milestone. The artists are fully informed in every respect before their first release. They can then use this awareness, coupled with the network and infrastructure we provide, to move in a relaxed and creative way.

What future releases are you the most excited about?

Oh, actually we are always very excited about all our upcoming releases. Especially our newcomer artists are very much the focus of our work. But the new EP of our urban punk artist Joey Bargeld, which is scheduled for spring 2021 is exciting. The debut album of the Indie-Pop singer Sukie in 2021 is a big topic for us. Also Y’akoto is supposed to release a new album next year: We’re very busy, not least because we’re still struggling to make black music here more accessible

Ten Minutes With Kamè  Entertainment

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the music industry in Germany? Globally, how do you think the music industry will bounce back?

Phew, that hit us very hard. The live segment is paralyzed, it is missing completely, not only as an important source of income, but also as a very relevant promotion opportunity, as well as a source of creative inspiration. I feel that the industry has become much closer, more united, more communicative. This goes to show how connected and vulnerable we are, no matter how far apart we are, live or work. The music industry must seize the opportunity to enable more creative, innovative and progressive content. More international & cross genre collabos without administration difficulties have to be created…

What artists are you into right now? Who should people be listening to?

At the moment I like to listen to Fally Ipupa “Kiname” feat Booba. I find Arlo Parks refreshing, Blick Bassy from Cameroon is terrific, definitely worth a listen. The special sound of the UK-German indie Band „Small Fires“ is captivating, their title “Non-Breakable Space“ is full of emotion. And be sure to listen to our artists: All eyes on Y’akoto’s new EP “OBAA YAA”, the track “I Agree” is dope! Sukie’s “Sober” is a revelation, Joey Bargeld “Zu spät” feat. Haiyti is a must for the ears and the soul

If you could put together a dream collaboration with any artist who would it be?

I could name so much, but i prefer to stick to our catalog lol! Y’akoto & Daft Punk! Sukie & WizKid

What advice would you give an artist who is sitting home during the quarantine period?

Don’t give up, use these lonely and difficult moments for a creative explosion, and more humility and gratitude.

What steps can an artist take who isn’t feeling the most creative right now?

It’s really hard, especially because there just isn’t a general instruction manual. Every situation should be considered individually…But in such a situation it also helps to do nothing from time to time and just take a break

Take us down memory lane! Can you describe the feeling of signing your first artist? 

I was just happy, I could finally start!

What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment as a label?

The fact that I can work with my artists independently and in peace is the greatest thing for me. The fact that we have built up artists from nothing with a lot of perseverance – gone where hardly anyone else dared to go – is our greatest strength. We are very proud of this and have really made a name for ourselves.

Where do you see Kamè Entertainment in the next 5 years?

Establishing the newcomers of today as renowned artists in the business…and selectively expanding our catalog with unique progressive talents.

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