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The Orchard Partners with MOBOLISE: Empowering Diversity, Excellence & Transformation 

The Orchard Partners with MOBOLISE: Empowering Diversity, Excellence & Transformation 

The Orchard is proud to partner with the MOBO Group for their groundbreaking recruitment and mentoring program, MOBOLISE. The MOBO Group is known for hosting the annual British MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards. By partnering with MOBOLISE, The Orchard continues our commitment of addressing racial imbalance in the workplace. 

“MOBOLISE directly supports The Orchard’s goal to attract diverse talent by providing resources and information to the MOBOLISE community, as well as direct recruitment opportunities to add to our workforce,” says Naledi Nyahuma Seck, VP, Diversity & Inclusion at The Orchard. “The Orchard’s DEI strategy aims to provide access to resources and opportunities to historically excluded groups through strategic programs and partnerships with companies like MOBOLISE. One of The Orchard’s DEI principles is mobility; we are committed to investing in our current and future employees as they advance in their careers and create lasting change.”

MOBOLISE supports and connects career opportunities to empower diversity, excellence and transformation in the workplace via jobs boards, mentoring and career development events, and learning resources. The program aims to create a more equitable industry by overcoming systemic barriers faced by Black professionals. 

Learn more about MOBOLISE at Talent interested in joining the MOBOLISE program can register here. Together, we can make the music industry a more diverse and equitable workspace. 

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