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The Orchard Lovingly Remembers Sharon Jones

The Orchard Lovingly Remembers Sharon JonesLast week, the world said goodbye to Sharon Jones, an artist and friend that impacted the lives of many here at The Orchard. In celebration of radiant life, here are a few warm words from those who worked with her and felt her soul from the stage.

On the eve of Thanksgiving in the United States, we are thankful to have experienced Sharon’s unstoppable talent and force. The Dap-Kings ask that you consider donating to a charity, find more information on the band’s website.

Brad Navin
Working with Daptone and an artist like Sharon is why many of us got into the music business. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such an incredible talent and although I’m devastated by her passing, I’m also grateful I had the chance to see, hear and experience all that was Sharon.

Colleen Theis
The world lost an incredibly talented, unique and powerful woman. It’s an honor to work with such an inspiring human and tireless performer, her dedicated band and label. May her music and story live on and continue to touch lives. Fly high, Sharon!

Cat Kreidich
The world has said goodbye to Sharon Jones. I have worked alongside Daptone since 2002 when they launched the label and released the first record “Dap-Dippin with Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings.” Her energy was infectious, her voice and presence powerful and funny… and then there was her DANCING! Her live show was truly my favorite to watch. I know that even though she isn’t here anymore she is still singing her song. RIP Sharon – We love you.

Jaclyn Bertsch
My heart is heavy with the loss of Sharon Jones. She is an unstoppable force of positivity, strength, grace, and unmatched talent. A complete legend and icon. Her spirit will live on through her music and keep us all dancing. 💕 RIP Sharon Jones.

Liz Northeast
I cannot believe this wonderful lady is gone. Such a legend in every way. So glad I saw her play in so many places and to so many people. Grateful to have spent one to one time with her and had hugs.

Marissa Putney
Sharon Jones had the power to inspire the uninspired and make you feel the gravity of her presence on stage. Her music was true, genuine, and unmistakably all her own. I’m truly grateful for having had the ability to work with such unrelenting talent. She will deeply be missed.

Michelle Arnold
All of Brooklyn is playing Sharon Jones. She was the sound of Brooklyn. Everywhere I’ve gone today I’ve heard her. And, as always, when I listen to her, I hear Brooklyn.

Philippe Giard
Remembering a great show in NYC during my first year at The Orchard. Miss Sharon, you were amazing! So sad…

Emilie Snellman
Losing Sharon Jones is incredibly sad. Feeling grateful I got to see, meet and work with this beautiful soul. Thank you for all of your music and memories that will live on forever ❤️

Tonia Samman
I’m incredibly thankful to have so many wonderful memories thanks to this woman and her music, and so crushed that we’ve lost her. My heart goes out to the whole Daptone Records and Lever and Beam family, and my Orchard family. Thank you Sharon for finding your voice when you did and sharing it with the world.

Elizabeth Curtis-Bey
Sharon Jones, your story and your music brought joy to so many of us. My heart goes out to all of those who were blessed enough to call you friend/family. Rock, rock on…

Bob Ardrey
She was a major talent and a great person, one of the most wonderful The Orchard and Daptone Records ever had the honor of working with. Rest easy, Sharon.

Allison Ullrich
I’ve never been consumed by so much shock and sadness to losing a beloved artist as I have been with hearing about the loss of Sharon Jones. She was the tiniest force on stage, with the largest presence. I’m so proud that my co-workers, myself, and my college reps were able to work with this wonderful, inspiring, human being. Now go play yourself some SJDK music and be happy, because her music has the ability to put a smile on everyone’s face, and to get even the scroogiest person out of their seat to dance. RIP Sharon Jones ❤️

Christopher Cruz
This is very sad news. Heart and voice of a goddess.

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