Rock Your April with Frontiers Rock Festival III, Sponsored by The Orchard

frontiers rock festivalNot just your average distribution company, The Orchard has some exciting news to share: for the first time, we’re becoming a music festival sponsor.

Taking a long-standing relationship with label partner Frontiers Records to another level, we’ve signed on as the leading sponsor for this year’s Frontiers Rock Festival III — get ready to rock and roll!

The Orchard has worked with Frontiers since the inception of their digital business and has seen them grow and expand over the years, bringing their love of rock n’ roll to the world. As our COO, Colleen Theis, puts it, “We’re proud to support them and to power Frontiers Rock Festival III.”

Catch Frontiers Rock Festival III from April 23-24 at Trezzo sull’Adda in Milano, Italy to witness bands such as Last In LineTalisman, Treat and Trixter, among many others, rockin’ it out on stage — all now “officially powered by The Orchard.” Oh yeah.

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