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The Orchard’s Leading Ladies You Won’t Want to Miss at Reeperbahn Festival

The Orchard’s Leading Ladies You Won’t Want to Miss at Reeperbahn Festival

For four days this fall, the Reeperbahn Festival takes to Hamburg, Germany for a series of events centered on music. 360 concerts, readings, movie screenings and more are scheduled from September 18 – 21, featuring over 400 artists. 

A variety of top talent pack out the fest’s program but we’re looking to The Orchard’s leading ladies on Reeperbahn’s circuit for acts you won’t want to miss. Be on the lookout for these women taking the stage, leading their groups and rocking it out at Reeperbahn 2019.

Can’t make it? Check out their latest releases and learn more about these leading women below:

MOLI, The Orchard

At only 20, MOLI has been a force in the Berlin music scene for a few years now. And this isn’t her first time taking the stage at Reeperbahn, check out this star on the rise in her latest release, “Talking in Emotions.”

Arlo Parks, Mike Lewis Entertainment

Creating from real-life experience, Arlo Parks uses rich vocals to tell stories through her music. Popping up at notable festivals over the past year, the teen is gaining momentum in the R&B charts. Take a listen to her latest single “george.”

Ida Mae, Thirty Tigers

A British duo infatuated with American Roots makes up the duo Ida Mae, co-led by Stephanie Jean Ward. The husband-wife team took to the road this year, touring with Greta Van Fleet, and now takes their country-blues sound and latest single “Reaching” to Reeperbahn.

Miss June, Frenchkiss

Nostalgic for the grunge era? Miss June, fronted by Annabel Liddel, gives off ‘90’s garage band energy but reworked for the new age. Take a look inside their world in “Best Girl.”

CHARLOTTE, Turtle Tunes

With such a soulful voice, you’d think CHARLOTTE is well beyond her 21 years of age. Her voice speaks of life experience and takes queue from soul roots of the past and present. Peer inside her heart and head in her video for “I Tell Lies.”

Amilli, The Orchard

Germany-born Amilli is an 18-year-old artist to watch. She challenges the female pop-star title with cunning lyrics and an alternative take on what it means to be a pop star. Watch her and her girl gang take on a night out in “Oh My.” 

Press Club, UK Full Time Hobby

Haven’t checked out the Australian punk scene yet? Melbourne-based Press Club is the best place to start. Led by Natalie Foster, Press Club is “ female fronted, fast, frenetic and honest.” Tune into their video for “Thinking About You.”

Onejiru, Broken Silence

Onejiru is what is created when you mix Kenya roots with new-age German sound. With lyrics created by her experience in activism, Onejiru emerges in the Reeperbahn line up as a-one-of-a-kind sound. Groove to “Higher Than” below. 

Ida Kudo, Nordic Music Society

ScandinAsian” electric-pop artist Ida Kudo empowers with her music and recently made her debut EP to “shimmering” reviews. Check out her video for “Born in the Sun.”

The Stroppies, Tough Love Records

The Stroppies merge slacker-rock and idiosyncratic pop to make a sound unique to only this Melbourne-bred band. Led by Claudia Serfaty, the Stroppies have risen through the ranks of Australia’s rock scene and make their way to Reepbahn this year! “Cellophane Cat” is their latest release.

Tusks, MRI Entertainment

Artist and producer Emily Underhill emerged as Tusks, her stage name, on her 2014 EP. Since, she’s been creating hauntingly beautiful pop compiled within her latest release “Avalanche.” Take a listen to lead track “Be Mine.”

Brutus, UK Full Time Hobby

Lead vocalist and drummer isn’t exactly common on a musician’s resume. That’s because it’s a tricky talent few can master. Lucky for fans, Stefanie Mannaerts of Brutus nails the title. She drums with a voice that “goes from spitfire melodies to heart-wrenching screams, to a soft, velvety hum.” Take a listen to Brutus’ latest song “Cemetery.”

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