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The Shredderz Launch Into the Metaverse

The Shredderz Launch Into the Metaverse

The Shredderz, composed of five musical misfits – Raz, Vincent, Weasel, Donny, Nigel, and their manager Lydia, have announced their launch into the Metaverse! They are marking their newfound freedom by opening their virtual world, The Shredderverse, to fans, collectors, and metalheads with the release of a trademark single. 

“Shredderz” is a blistering, anthemic headbanger featuring Alex Skolnick. Metal Injection premiered the track which will be available globally on May 5.

The Shredderz is not only a band. The Shredderz is a Web3 native, community-driven, virtual supergroup and PFP project that lives in the Metaverse and the real world. They have partnered with The Orchard to integrate their vision into the global music and Web3 communities.

The Shredderz have enlisted other friends as they make their way toward global domination: Alex Skolnick (Testament), Gary Holt (Slayer, Exodus), Derrick Green (Sepultura), Brandon Ellis (Black Dahlia Murder), George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), Dan Lilker (Anthrax, Nuclear Assault), Taina Bergamaschi & Jessica DiFalchi (Crypta), Dave Davidson (Revocation), and Jessica Pimentel (Brujeria, Orange is the New Black). All will appear as guests on The Shredderz debut album, coming out this summer.

“Join us on our mission to unleash a relentless storm of sonic fury upon your ears! We are armed and ready to conquer every corner of the universe with our hell-powered bone-crushing riffs, earth-shattering beats and mind-blowing melodies”

On May 16, at 10AM EST, a collection of 1000  SHREDDERZ ACCESS PASSES will be available to claim for free on NFT Marketplace OpenSea. The Access Pass is a dynamic digital token and the key to unlocking The Shredderverse. By owning a pass, the fan community will be granted access to a gated channel on The Shredderz dedicated Discord server where they will be able to co-write the Shredderz’ narrative alongside the band. Serving as crowd-sourced band co-managers, the Shredderz community will have tangible input on crucial band decisions such as single choice, collaborations, merch design, artwork, touring plans and other factors that play out in real life. Holders will receive priority access to all future Shredderz drops and exclusive content.

The Shredderz is notably the first music project that features automated dynamic NFTs that are directly linked to streaming data. Powered by Web3 services platform blockchain technology Chainlink and The Orchard’s development partner Clique, Access Passes will visually change based on The Shredderz’ streaming performance on major DSPs. As The Shredderz reach streaming milestones, each Access Pass will transform to showcase new art and simultaneously reward community members as new achievements are unlocked.

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