Out Today by The Orchard: The Como Mamas, Bobby Saint & More

It is finally Friday! Time to wind down, pick your picnics and scurry to your friends an family. Before you make your afternoon dash through the door, let’s enjoy some incredible new music to accompany you on your weekend adventures.

From Daptone Records, The Como Mamas release their new soulful blues album Move Upstairs. With an impressive list of influences, Move Upstairs delivers the southern R&B sounds reflective of B.B. King, Gladys Knight and Rufus Thomas to name a few. The Como Mamas were founded in Como, Mississippi where their primary source of musical inspiration was radio and the church choir. The sounds of both religion and radio are translated in the raw gospel-style production of the album, transporting you to the town and time period that sparked the creation. The Como Mamas followed the music and we are so glad it led them to Move Upstairs.

In a few months you’ll be boasting “Of course I’ve heard Bobby Saint.” With his new EP, UnholyBobby mixes rock, R&B, blues, funk and pop for a five-song EP that promises a tune for any lover of music. Hailing from Barbados, Bobby Saint is a category of his own with influences including Al Green, Prince, Nat King Cole and Bob Marley. Incredibly talented, with powerful vocals and flexibility, Unholy is a must listen. Find it here.

We can’t send you on your way without a few laughs first. Fahim Anwar‘s comedy special, There’s No Business Like Show Business, is now available on audio via Comedy Dynamics. Fahim discusses living in LA, NBA Jam and awkward auditions in this hilarious routine. Check a clip below and listen to the full special here.

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